Sony announces new Ape Escape title

"Piposaru Olympia: Gekitou! Gacha Mecha Athlete" will come to Japanese PS2s sometime in 2004. No English title or American release has been set.


TOKYO--Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that it will be releasing a new Ape Escape title for the PS2. Although no English title has been announced, its Japanese name, "Piposaru Olympia: Gekitou! Gacha Mecha Athlete," can be translated as "Madcap Monkey Olympia: Fierce Fight Gadget Athlete." Sony has divulged no details about the 3D action game yet, but graphics seen by GameSpot were drawn in a cartoon style. Previous Ape Escape characters Spike, Katie, and the Professor are confirmed to be in the game, joining the requisite primates.

The Ape Escape series began on the original PlayStation in 1999, and was one of the first games to take full advantage of the Dual Shock analog controllers. In past series installments, the objective of the game was to capture monkeys with a number of gadgets to advance through the stages. Whether Piposaru Olympia will have the same format has not been determined.

Piposaru Olympia: Gekitou! Gacha Mecha Athlete is scheduled for release on an unannounced period in 2004, which just happens to also be the year of the Monkey.

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