Sony announces Formula One 2003

SCEE announces a new F1 game and an exclusive four-year licensing deal with Formula One Administration Ltd.


Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has today announced that Formula One 2003 for the PlayStation 2 will be the first game to benefit from the exclusive licensing deal it has signed with Formula One Administration Ltd. Under the terms of the deal, the Formula One franchise will be exclusive to SCEE and to the PlayStation 2 for the next four years.

"This four-year exclusive relationship is the basis for a very exciting partnership between the world's leading motorsport and the most successful video game platform on the planet," said Chris Deering, president of SCEE. "Together I believe we will create a totally new consumer game experience that combines the power of the PlayStation 2 with the exhilaration and spectacle of Formula 1, and short of pulling on gloves and a helmet, this is as close to being in the driver's seat as you're going to get."

According to today's press release, Formula One 2003 will be the only game to feature up-to-date statistics, driver likenesses, and teams. The game will also incorporate all the new rules that were introduced to the sport this season. Disappointingly, it appears that the game will be single-player-only, but if the AI of the drivers is as good as SCEE is claiming, they should provide a lasting challenge. Formula One 2003 is scheduled for release in Europe next month. We'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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