Sony Announces Emulator for Saturn

Sony insider reveals secret plan to revitalize Sega Saturn platform by announcing an official PlayStation emulator.


April 1 - Reports from a Sony insider revealed a secret plan to revitalize the Sega Saturn platform by announcing an official PlayStation emulator for Sega's current system.

"We feel bad for Saturn owners. Sega has all but abandoned the system here in the US after we kicked its butt in sales over Christmas." After several personal threats, a spokesperson for the company said, "Our marketing staff and engineers had a celebration upon hearing of Sega's demise and over some beverages, the marketing guys were drunk to the gills while the coders had to settle for Coca-Cola after repeated requests for Jolt or Mountain Dew were denied. Then, they sketched out a plan to build an emulator for the Saturn that will let gamers play PlayStation games on the Saturn."

Details aren't specific, but it appears that Sony will buy a large stock in Sega RAM carts that were meant to speed up the system. Included inside the carts will be a chip that will decipher code built for the PlayStation. All gamers must do is buy PlayStation disks that will have the new "Sony for Saturn" logo on the packaging. The first game to be optimized for the new add-in cart will be Crash Bandicoot, although Sony's complete library of games can run on the Saturn with RAM cart combo.

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