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Sony Pulls Ad Showing PS5 Upside-Down

In case there was any denying that the PS5 looks odd, Sony's own advertising mistook which way it's supposed to be oriented.


A new Sony advertisement for the PlayStation 5 shows the console placed upside-down. The visual goof can be seen only for a moment, but it does go to show that the unique PS5 body can create some confusion--even among ad makers, apparently. [Update: The tweet has now been removed without explanation, shortly after several on the internet pointed out the mistake.]

The moment comes at the end of a heartwarming ad shared on Sony's Twitter account. A little boy asks his dad to tell him a story, and the father obliges by retelling the story of the 2018 God of War (presumably without all the disemboweling). Then the dad sits down to play some God of War on his upside-down PS5.

The telltale giveaway is the disc slot, which is visible on the top half of the console on the right side. When oriented correctly according to Sony's own manual, the disc slot should be on the bottom left. That's also how it would sit with the console base attached in horizontal orientation. This setup would also mean the good dad in this story has been putting discs in upside-down, or else he'd be getting disc read errors.

Of course, he could be using the attached stand to place it in vertical orientation, in which case the PS5 looks like a scale model of a sci-fi skyscraper. No matter how you place it, the console looks different than a lot of the competition.

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