Sony: 24 PS4 exclusives in development

PlayStation maker adds that 180 total games in development is more than Xbox One.


Killzone: Shadow Fall
inFamous: Second Son
The Order: 1886
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There are currently 24 PlayStation 4 exclusive titles in development, Sony boasted today in a new commercial for the platform ahead of its launch on November 15.

The biggest of the group are undoubtedly games like Killzone: Shadow Fall, The Order: 1886, Infamous: Second Son, and DriveClub, which was recently delayed into 2014.

In all, Sony said more than 180 games are in development for PS4, "more than any other next-gen console," including the Xbox One. Microsoft has not disclosed how many Xbox One games are in development.

The new PS4 ad also states that 14 "award-winning studios" are creating exclusive games for the PS4, including Sucker Punch, Media Molecule, Guerrilla Games, Sony Santa Monica, SCE Japan, Evolution Studios, and SCE London Studio.

The commercial also reminds players that multiplatform games like Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Watch Dogs, and Destiny will have timed-exclusive downloadable content on PS4.

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