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Sons Of The Forest - All Endings Guide

Here's how you can see all the endings in Sons of the Forest.


Sons of the Forest takes you on a mysterious journey and, like all journeys, it must come to an end. Assuming you've entered the Gold Arm Door, you'll have to go through multiple lava-filled chambers and dark tunnels, all while being chased by mutants. Eventually, upon reaching another gold door, a cutscene will play. Here's our guide to help you with all endings in Sons of the Forest.

Please be aware that this article contains spoilers, and that the outcomes here are for the Early Access stage of the game.

Sons of the Forest endings

The Sons of the Forest ending starts of with a trippy sequence where you'll see multiple clones arguing and disappearing. Then, a vast futuristic city is shown in front of you. Lightning strikes from the sky and, beyond, you see a ruined husk of a planet and its moon. Could this be Earth?

Next, as you turn around, you see a giant mutant, almost akin to what you initially encountered in the facility with the Golden Armor. After this, you find yourself at the coast, with a helicopter waiting to whisk you away to safety. There are several possible Sons of the Forest endings here depending on your actions throughout the campaign.

Both: These are just some creepy scenes that will play during the conclusion of your journey in Sons of the Forest.

Bad ending: Left behind and "Fight Demons" achievement

Further away from the helicopter, you'll notice a backpack. If you so much as pick it up, the helicopter will leave without you. You'd be left behind, although you'd get the "Fight Demons" achievement.

Good ending: Board the helicopter and "Fought Demons" achievement

For this one, simply ignore the backpack and climb aboard the helicopter. As soon as you get in, Kelvin, your old buddy and first companion, will show up (assuming you didn't kill him).

Left: Board the helicopter and leave the island for good (maybe with a couple of companions in tow); Right: Grab the backpack and get left behind.

Best ending and secret ending: Everyone survives and "Keep Your Friends Close" achievement

The third and final Sons of the Forest ending is only for those who managed to keep both companions alive. This requires the following:

  • Kelvin is your first companion. He's a bit useless, but you want him to remain alive the whole time. You can just leave him in one of the camps.
  • Virginia, the Mutant Lady, will run off when you first encounter her. However, she can become a companion once you've befriended her. She's great in a fight since she can wield a Pistol and Shotgun at the same time. The only downside is that her AI is extremely aggressive, so you might need to follow her around whenever something is in her aggro range.

To get the Sons of the Forest secret ending, both Kelvin and Virginia must be with you when you go to the facility with the Gold Arm Door. Yes, it's on the opposite side of the island, so prepare for a trek, and maybe a few battles with cannibals and mutants.

Continue all the way to the last chamber and, once you're back outside, board the helicopter. Both companions will join you, meaning everyone survived.

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