Sons of Anarchy browser game possible

Show creator Kurt Sutter says meetings happening soon with "major gaming company" to bring biker drama to the Web.


Fans of FX's Sons of Anarchy have news to be either fairly excited or measurably nonplussed about. Over the weekend, show creator Kurt Sutter tweeted that plans are being made to create a game based on the violent gang drama but that its destined platform will likely be Web browsers.

Sons of Anarchy could offer the likes of FarmVille…protection.
Sons of Anarchy could offer the likes of FarmVille…protection.

"[S]oon to be taking meetings about an [Sons of Anarchy] game," Sutter's message read. "[H]ave a major gaming company interested. [T]rying to figure out costs, platform and timing." In a subsequent tweet, Sutter said, "[T]o do a quality platform-based game costs tens of millions and takes years. [W]e're toying with the idea of a high-end browser-based game."

Sons of Anarchy wouldn't be the first show Fox has turned into a Web browser game. Last year, the media company announced Family Guy Online. In development at Roadhouse Interactive, the 3D game is set to be free-to-play with role-playing elements. It is expected to launch this fall.

Premiering in 2008, Sons of Anarchy tells the story of an outlaw biker gang operating in Southern California. The show has picked up a handful of awards in its four seasons, including a Golden Globe in 2010. Season five is expected to premiere this fall.

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