Sonic's New Movie Look Was Led By A Sonic Franchise Veteran

Sonic comics illustrator Tyson Hesse led the team that made Sonic's new look.


Paramount Pictures has finally revealed Sonic the Hedgehog's new look--and fans are enjoying it much more than the original design. As it turns out, Paramount enlisted the help of a Sonic game developer veteran to help create a revised look for the film.

Tyson Hesse, an American animator who worked on Sonic Mania and various Sonic comics, announced that he was brought on board to lead the design effort for the new look. Hesse said he worked with director Jeff Fowler and the various production departments across the world to make Sonic closer to the source material. The work he did with his team seemed to have worked, as fans are much more enthusiastic about Sonic's new look.

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Fowler, who earned an Oscar nomination for his animated movie Gopher Broke, said in his own tweet that he is thankful to the fans for their "patience and support."

In May 2019, when Paramount announced it would delay the movie to create a new look for Sonic, some worried that the production team would have to work overly long hours to get the job done. Fowler, however, said "no VFX artists were harmed in the making of this movie."

The VFX team seems to have gone the extra mile with the new Sonic movie, as one of the new scenes shows Sonic doing his ledge animation from the game series.

Sonic the Hedgehog's new release date is February 14, 2020--Valentine's Day. It is produced by Deadpool director Tim Miller, who also earned an Oscar nomination for his work on Gopher Broke.

The movie, which blends CG and live-action, features the voice of Ben Schwartz as Sonic. James Marsden plays the sheriff of Green Hills, Montana who becomes friends with Sonic. Dr. Robotnik, the bad guy, is played by Jim Carrey.

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