Sonic - They're Real

Screens posted yesterday all over the Net of Sonic Adventure are being promoted as the real deal.


The first real screenshots of Sonic Adventure have been revealed. Yesterday, when reports came down of a French gaming site that had posted the shots (and has since pulled them down), we were immediately skeptical. After many calls, we had not received an official Sega confirmation that the shots were actually from Sonic Adventure. And as we go to press today, there remains no official word from Sega of America as to the authenticity of the Sonic shots posted yesterday.

Today, however, there are reports on a UK gaming site, Game-Online, that claim to have received confirmation that the shots are indeed real and are from an early version of Sonic Adventure. Game-Online goes on to say that these shots don't truly represent what the game is capable of (these shots are likely from an early version of the game).

Whatever the case, the ball has apparently been dropped somewhere along the line. At GameSpot, we debated whether we should even post these pictures, as they have not been officially released by Sega, and fake shots of Sonic have appeared before. But these seem a little too good to be fakes.

As the rest of the gaming press will be doing, we are anxiously waiting for Sega of Japan's Saturday event to see what Sonic Adventure can really do. As with almost all still screenshots, seeing them in motion will certainly give a much better indication of what the game really looks like.

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