Sonic the Hedgehog Q&A

With the Dreamcast anniversary at hand, we check in with Sega on its mascot and get teased about the upcoming Project Needlemouse.


Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the last remaining mascots of the 16-bit era of games. The unassuming blue hedgehog with attitude burst on the scene a little over 19 years ago and helped Sega gain its foothold in the market. The ensuing years have seen the blue blur undergo a steady stream of reinventions--some more successful than others--but he still endures. We got Sega’s Ken Ballough, associate brand manager at Sega, to reflect on the spiky hero and give us an idea of where he’s headed.

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GameSpot: Why do you think Sonic has lasted almost 20 years now? What’s his appeal?

Ken Ballough: Sonic is a gaming legend, first and foremost. He comes from a series of games that defined a generation in gaming history, and his iconic personality was the epitome of speed in the early ‘90s, pushing the limits of what gamers knew and expected from high-speed action and platforming games. Throughout the years, Sonic has evolved with numerous different adventures, and likewise, his appeal has also spread for different reasons. Many older gamers appreciate him most for his attitude and the speed of his 2D games, while some younger and newer fans look up to him for his courage and his freestyle personality. Sonic appeals to many different people for many different reasons, but if there's one thing that has always stayed appealing, it's this: He's fast, he's blue, and he's a way fast cool hedgehog.

GS: What games do you think have captured that essence best over the years?

KB: Personally, the games that first come to mind are the Sonic Legacy titles, (Sonic 1, 2, 3, & Knuckles), Sonic Adventure, Sonic Rush, and Sonic’s speed in Sonic Unleashed. I think each of those games did a great job at propelling the series forward to a new generation, both visually and in terms of gameplay.

GS: What games do you think didn’t quite nail it?

KB: I think Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos was put in a bit of a situation. Coming out on the Master System with 8-bit graphics after you had seen Sonic on the Genesis in full 16-bit glory was a bit rough. Visually and speedwise, it was just not as impressive as its Genesis brethren.

GS: Do you think the expansion of the universe with additional characters helped or diluted Sonic’s image?

KB: I think it definitely added more depth to the character and created a much richer universe. A solid supporting cast gives you options, not only where to go with the story, but also where gameplay can go. I remember the first time I saw Sonic 2. What really stood out to me was the inclusion of Tails. I thought the idea of Sonic having a sidekick was awesome, but even more so was the fact that you could actually play Tails. I remember spending countless hours playing Sonic 2 with my little brother. Then came Knuckles, which was that final ingredient. If you think about it, you had all the key elements that make up your quintessential superhero: speed, flight, and strength. Once Sonic 3 came out, you felt like you had everything you needed. In the end I think Sonic’s image is much stronger because you have a solid core of supporting characters. Sonic is still Sonic, and he’s still your main hero. The rest of the cast just gives you a richer tapestry.

GS: Who do you think were the most successful companions? And, who do you think he could have done without?

KB: I think when it comes to characters, it’s all about what you do with them. It takes time to develop a cast and for them to find their niche. A lot depends on if there is a good story that allows the character to develop and grow. Tails and Knuckles, to me, are essential to Sonic. They bring the perfect blend of personalities to the mix. But those two have had over 14 years to grow. I think Shadow, Silver, Blaze, and Rouge have also been developed really well into interesting characters. I would love to see Tikal developed because I think she could be very interesting as well. I think the one character that has yet to find his place is Bark the Polar Bear. I hope he does eventually. It’d be nice to have a cool bear character.

GS: Over the past 19 years, Sonic has been in a variety of different games, some of which were a stretch. Were there any that didn’t happen because they were a little too out there?

KB: Not to my knowledge. There are definitely a lot of ideas that come up when we make games--any game. Some are left on the discussion table and some incorporated into the final product. The great thing about working on the Sonic franchise is that it’s a wonderfully collaborative effort, so we definitely try and refine good ideas and make them work within the gameplay framework. I have yet to be part of a project that was cancelled while in development.

GS: Looking back now, what do you think the biggest challenges have been in updating Sonic?

KB: When you break it down to the fundamentals, Sonic games stand for high-speed action with an edgy attitude. And it’s this essence that you want to keep, regardless of the platform. Sonic has such a rich history and a wide assortment of adventures that in reality, our biggest challenges at Sega are outdoing what we did before. How can we make the speed work better? Can he go faster? How do we build levels that allow Sonic to go to new places? These questions are what keep us working toward bigger and better games.

GS: Sonic CD is touted as the best Sonic ever made in some fan circles. Do you agree? Do you or the team see another as being the all-time best?

KB: Sonic been around for almost 20 years, so people have grown up with Sonic on several different platforms at different ages. I’m partial to Sonic 3--Sonic and Knuckles being my all time favorite. But that may be because I have the fondest memories playing that game. I definitely loved Sonic CD, and the great thing about this franchise is that there is a lot of choices and it’s not hard to search for the Sonic adventure that’s right for you.

GS: Why did Sega decide to bring Sonic back to 2D? Did the success of Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure play a part?

KB: Old-school Sonic fans have long asked to see Sonic return to a more 2D style of gameplay. Many liked the daytime stages in Unleashed but wanted to see a game that plays purely similar to the early games of the Genesis. Project Needlemouse is that critical first step that brings Sonic back to his 2D roots.

GS: What can you tell us about the game?

KB: I can tell you it’s a brand new 2D adventure coming out in 2010, it’s in HD, and to definitely stay tuned.

GS: With HD makeovers of classic games being popular right now, can we expect the game to use chunky old-school sprites or hi-res HD sprites?

KB: You can definitely expect HD graphics.

GS: Thanks for your time.

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Avatar image for Ezmai_RauteZ

google this : "whengamessuck all New sonic" this should be how the new sonic 2010 should look, and please dont be a crap downloadable game, pleassssee

Avatar image for Ezmai_RauteZ

google this : "whengamessuck all New sonic" and click the first website.. tell me that looks Fgukin awesome?

Avatar image for Ezmai_RauteZ

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 4, lesser characters, more speed, tougher levels, bigger bosses and decent surprises.. I remember playing sonic 2 and when i got upto that metal sonic boss, i was really surprised but in a really kool way.. The whole entire game just had this way of sucking me into it, every level was a tougher challenge but each level looked soo new and attractive (at the time) always freaking out as to how hard the boss was to move onto the next really appealing level

Avatar image for sonichedgehog45

i fear project needlemouse may be a DOWNLOADABLE TITLE:(

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i thought the 3d sonic games were really good if done right, im talking about the SPEED levels in sonic unleashed if they made the whole game bassed around the concepts of the speed mission it woulda been one hell of a game

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Though sonic adventure is a very interesting and a very diversify way of playing sonic, I don't think they should come out with another sequel or any 3d title for that matter. Here's my explanation why. We the fan know and love sonic, the gameplay, the music and such, we would understand about the movement of the character, of somehow, sometimes we are unable to control his movement 100%, we would just know by heart when to jump, when to slide and sometime without even the need to change the camera angle. But the newcomers (new players and prospectus fans) does not have this muscle memory / speedy involuntary actions in them yet. Sega needs to pull them back to the real sonic essence first (2d) to bring them closer to the character and to make the newcomers understand why he is controlled like that. While it is true that a new 3d title will satisfy us, it won't be healty for sega. For now they should gather back the fans (which now had become adjacent with life, experience of other games and the knowledge of the true sonic essence), collect as many ideas / suggestions / new fan base and of course $$ to spin dash sonic into the next gen console again without the need to taint his free spirit attitude. Project needlemouse should be a flagship to stream new ideas and attract the attention of new players. Well, that's just my 2 cents. A die hard fan of sonic. I even got the green chaos emerald at home for that sake. << LINK REMOVED >>

Avatar image for trevor1221

I was really hoping they would work out the flaws and make a sonic adventure 3. Also, I hope they keep the game based around the city with other humans around. I just like it better. I hope to see a preview or pictures soon! :D

Avatar image for ShadowofSonic

Yay! NEW

Avatar image for Xelalex

Oooh! He said he wants to see Tikal developed! Damn would I love SEGA so much more if she was! Anyway, what I want to see is Sonic Adventure 1, 2 and Next Gen remade all placed on the same disc and having Sonic Adventure 1 and Next Gen use Sonic Adventure 2's controls and physics (as well as lessening the graphics to make it possible to fit on the disc with the other two, perhaps to the point of making them like Dreamcast graphics for nostalgia) and make Sonic Adventure Trilogy! (much like with Metroid Prime Trilogy, where Prime 1 and 2 were improved with Corruption's Wii controls) and of course, a Chao Garden for every single character! (with the Next Gen characters altered in order to work with the Chao Garden) if the combination proves too much data to fit on the Xbox 360, the graphics should be reduced to the point that it IS enough to fit.

Avatar image for Flint247

Let's hope Sega/Sonic Team can get this game right this time. I would hate to see the Sonic Series go down the drain, like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro.

Avatar image for gamefreak197

Old school Sonic. Perhaps Sega is finally doing something smart this time around.

Avatar image for ChiefSonic

Yeah if sonicteam wants to go back to te 3-D adventure, go back to the controlls with the Sonic Adventures one. They were amazing games..they're one of my favorites

Avatar image for rexeljet

I think ken wasn't really thinking when he said Sonic chaos didn't nail it. It was good for a handheld 8-bit console. I mean the DS and the Xbox 360 are the same generation but the latter has better graphics. Plus, the SMS version only came out in places where it was still supported. Sonic games don't suck because they're 3D; they're just not properly capturing the feel of a sonic game or a 3D platformer. 3D games should be to explore. in most sonic games you are forced down a path, and if you tap the D-pad or analog stick you fall down a bottomless pit. The fangame Sonic Robo Blast 2 is how a 3D sonic game should be. Sega could still screw up with this game no matter how many dimensions it has. I like it how unleashed only had a few characters and is more cartoony. That's how sonic should be. I hope Project Needlemouse has no serious storylines, no swords, no guns, and no lack of fun. Some say that the switch from 6th to 7th gen consoles made sonic suck, but sonic hasn't captured the full amount of fun he should since 1994, and until sonic unleashed was released, there wasn't a good main sonic game since 2001. The portable games are good though.

Avatar image for Tainted_Chi

Rexeljet, I'm with you 100%. Adding new characters just steals the spotlight from the main cast, and WTF is with all the humans all of a sudden?!? They need to put Sonic back in the retro universe and have Robotnik hatch up some crazy scheme to take over the planet... again :D Maybe bring metal sonic (Metalix was it? :D) back and have him as a recurring pest (Ala knuckles in sonic 3 or chaos in adventure) under robotniks orders, as you progress. This was almost done in Sonic CD (IMO best Sonic game ever) but you only saw him once before you defeated him if i remember correctly. He was playable in multiplayer Sonic adventure 2:battle on the gamecube :D it was awesome seeing him again.

Avatar image for Hail23

@punkdsk8erdude I know I'm like a month late but still had to say, that what you said is whats needed... sonic needs to claim back up that ladder to the number 1spot :P @ jose2serious Your funny yo, that's probably whats going on man.

Avatar image for rexeljet

To be honest, I don't like any sonic character released after Espio the Chameleon. A lot of the characters released after that point were just almost like Official fan fiction characters. Not all of them were. SHadow would've been fine if he had only appeared in his introductory game (Sonic adventure 2) and Sonic adventure 2 Battle. Most games after sonic heroes lack fun, but I do like sonic unleashed, even the werehog stages. Even chip seems like a character that could be a recurring minor character at the very least. I didn't, however, like Big, Blaze or Silver. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Robotnik were enough in the early years, so why do they need to keep adding character after character? I hope no new characters are introduced this time round, but wouldn't mind if they got rid of some. I'd even like to see sonic in his old-school form, and the game being set in the original sonic universe where things weren't as serious in sonic's world as they are now, robots were made using flickies, and there weren't new characters appearing gamely.

Avatar image for Tainted_Chi

"I think Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos was put in a bit of a situation. Coming out on the Master System with 8-bit graphics after you had seen Sonic on the Genesis in full 16-bit glory was a bit rough."... ... ... Thats fair but Sonic Chaos was one of the best Sonic games in my opinion. Certainly the best 8-bit one and i prefered it (MasterSystem version) over sonic 1 on the MegaDrive (Genesis) back in the day... ... ... "I would love to see Tikal developed because I think she could be very interesting as well..." ... ... ... Fair enough, being a guardian of the master emerald shes not completely pointless like, um say, a random polar bear... ... ... "I think the one character that has yet to find his place is Bark the Polar Bear." ... ... ... Oh noes!? I bet he created it, lol. It's almost as crazy as a big slow cat that loves fishing as a playable character. Oh wait... ... ... "Were there any that didnt happen because they were a little too out there? KB: Not to my knowledge." ... ... ... You can say that again unfortunately :( ... ... ... "Old-school Sonic fans have long asked to see Sonic return to a more 2D style of gameplay. Many liked the daytime stages in Unleashed but wanted to see a game that plays purely similar to the early games of the Genesis. Project Needlemouse is that critical first step that brings Sonic back to his 2D roots. "... ... ... So in other words, it might not be perfect but we can atleast call this Sega starting to listen to us and experimenting to get a 'feel' for what we really want. It's going on my 'to watch' list for sure. I hope they put Metal Sonic in it from Sonic CD.

Avatar image for Tainted_Chi

That (very suspiciously) doesn't look much like Sonic's silhouette at the end... :S *cry* Theres always a catch... Hold on that looks a bit like Espio??? (check him out, he was suppossed to be in knuckles chaotix on 32X). Hmm.. needlemouse? Porcupine perhaps? (Aren't hedgehogs and porcupine's marsupials?). Maybe its baby Sonic, lol. Meh IDK just hope this is as good as it teases to be.

Avatar image for atomic_purple

i want project needlemouse to succeed! the recent games were really scraping the bottom of the barrel, and lacked in a fundemental factor from the older games- fun. hopefully, this will change things for the better.

Avatar image for Xanth93

Hopefully this brings Sonic back. Adventure 2 Battle was the last good Sonic game. The 2006 version of Sonic the Hedgehog was very annoying due to ridiculously long loading times, and Unleashed had the worst camera.

Avatar image for SonictheHeg

@ punkdsk8erdude : You're totally right , SA2 Battle had a verry verry interesting, well think story and various gameplay with different caracters (my favorite Sonic).But I'm a little disapointed with the few past Sonic games (Sonic been a Were-hedgehog, Sonic with a sword...). I'm ok with the fact that Sonic joins Mario for Olympics Games but not to turn th

Avatar image for punkdsk8erdude

but they talk about the sonic cast here and unleashed was lacking in cast. heroes and the hedgehog 360 overkilled on cast. to me, the best cast balanced game was SA2. all i need tho in a great game would be sonic, tails, and knuckles. ALL being running stages. tails and knuckles varied the old games enough with their unique abilities w.o compeltely changing the gameplay, they came close w/ heroes. i liked shadow a lot, silver was too slow for sonic, and amy/big/etc are pointless characters to play as..much better for just comedy relief and story than gameplay. I hope with needlemouse that the gameplay returns to that of sonic tails and knuckles, all runners, in at least 80% 2d gameplay not 50/50 lik unleashed daytime levels, and no other levels other than running levels. no emerald hunts, no shooting stages, etc. just good ol' running. individually of course. they could throw in shadow too. but cap it off at max with rouge. w/ graphics and level design like unleashed daytime. that to me would be ultimate sonic game. eitehr that, or remake sonic 1,2,3, knuckles, all w/ unleashed graphics, all in one game. the story in those games is one long story as we all kno. that would be incredible. and on a side note, as a mini game, id love for chaos to return. that would be great! :) i just hope they dont screw this up. everything on consoles after heroes was a complete failure. even unleashed, although it came the closest with daytime levels. sonic deserves better than this sega!!

Avatar image for punkdsk8erdude

ive been goin back lately and revisiting all my old sonic games, thanks to sonics ultimate genesis collection on 360. once i got that, play sonic the hedgehog, sonic 2, 3, sonic and knuckles, i broke out my old gcube discs - adventure dx, adventure 2 battle, and heroes. I also gave unleashed a try (demo on live). I love sonic, always have and always will. but all the games i jsut mentioned had major problems. adventure dx had a much more compellin story than A2B, and i didnt rly hav any issue with that game except it was a little too slow for me (big/amy esp) and the camera had issues. A2B's tails levels were such a drag compared to ADX, bc Tails was first and foremost a runner like sonic, not this tech savy-otherwise useless fox. to me only eggman shouldve had those shootin levels. And the knuckles/rouge levels were wayyy too slow. in sonic heroes, the camera crap wasnt AS bad, but still bad, and my biggest issue was some of the fighting rly slowed down an otherwise fast paced game, a game that many ppl overlook the fact that it rly brought sonic back to his fast paced glory. there were def issues though. some of the levels rly sucked..i.e. those casino ones. sonic the hedgehog on 360 was only so bad because it was so dang slow. sonic unleashed wouldve been incredible if it was ONLY day levels. sonic unleashed couldve used more of the 2d gameplay too, too much of the level were in 3d, although the 3d here was much better than any other sonic 3d game ive ever played

Avatar image for aniMAXXX

I had a bad feeling with the project Werewolf and it was crappier then i though, i would rather play dynasty warriors, speedy sonic was okay, but i still love original sonic adventure and 2nd for 3D sonic games and missed good old 2D sonic..... but the intro was nice, my heart was beating in sync with the BGM, Needlemouse......I don't wan to see Sonic running on 4 "legs" or doing trick with his tail...=.=

Avatar image for vetalfox

Just find Sonic Beyond video on youtube, this is next step for 2D Sonic games for me, and i hope this is how Project Needlemouse will look.

Avatar image for BrandonC3000

I'll be brutally honest here. If you liked Sonic Adventure, that's fine, it was a good game but neither that nor Sonic Unleashed, a true SONIC game to me. Fact of the matter is, Sonic is a very unique game that exploits in-game trigonometry to produce incredibly smooth 2D platform ramping and loops. I've yet to play a single 3D Sonic game that has able to capture the magic of what made Sonic truly a fun game. It had nothing to do with the blistering speeds so fast you need motion blur to demonstrate them, and it also had nothing to do with amazing climactic scenes of Sonic running through various inversions. When I think of Sonic, I think of a 2D game with dozens of paths around a large level, and a speed that perfectly balances in with the level design. Obstacles that are actually obstacles and all very unique, not just targets for anyone to push B twice in the air to kill. Honestly, drop all this homing sh it all together. Bring back the electric/fire/bubble shields for christ sake. Sonic reached it's peak with Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Sonic CD made a valiant last breath, but after that, the Sonic that I knew, died. I just really hope this new game can capture the magic.

Avatar image for rgame1

hope it turns out well.

Avatar image for hemoleech

I liked it when you could run so fast on the 2D games that you literally ran off the screen!

Avatar image for jose2serious

2d Sonic sounds about right, but Sonic Unleashed's daytime levels worked great. And the hedgehog engine is near perfect for a Sonic game. But Sonic 06 just failed...

Avatar image for jose2serious

Someone inside Sonic Teams planning team wants Sonic dead. There conversations probably go like this: Kewl guy: Hey I got a cool new idea. How 'bout we make a game that puts Sonic back into the basics, Speed. Everyone: Yeah that sounds good. Evil Guy(or Chick...): Yeah that seems nice...but...what if we make Sonic into a werewolf for two thirds of the game! Kewl guy: I don't think thats a good idea... Evil Guy: Nonsense...It worked for Twilight( Not really it sucks). (Not so smart)Everyone: He's right...

Avatar image for zuljin11

Eugh! I like the idea of Sonic coming back to 2D, but most of the characters don't even belong in one dimension. People don't want an army of merchandising friendly identikit furries, they just want to turn Sonic gold and super-sonic and throw him into huge Robotnik machines as fast as possible. If they manage this... preferrably with an intelligent zoomable camera now he's going to be in HD for those really fast moments, then I may consider trying to forget "Mario and Sonic at the Olympics"

Avatar image for Spider-Jim

If this game turns out to be "Sonic 3 and Knuckles" I will be so happy I will pop mu medulla oblongata!!! Love that game, love love love IT!!!

Avatar image for wahyudil

my favourite sonic games are sonic 2,3,and 4 ... and black knight .... I think I don't like if sonic come to 2D again, because running at high speed in 2D is very difficult and lost the great sensation of speed ... I believed anyone already know what they want about sonic 3D games ... but too bad, Sega is not always listening to that ...

Avatar image for Shinkada

The 3D Sonic games were crap... That's not BECAUSE they were 3D. It's because they were slow, had too much emphasis on story and characters (very BAD story and characters, mind you), and - especially SA2 onwards - started becoming really creepy with how much they were trying to use sex appeal to appeal to furries. Cough Rouge the Bat. How can you make a 3D Sonic game good? -Make it as fast as the fastest stages from SA1/2... The only stage I remember enjoying from either of them was Shadow's intro stage on that huge highway. -Zoom the camera out a lot so you can actually see where you're going. -Continue adding platforming but not so complex that you need to slow down/stop. -Remove all characters but Sonic and Robotnik, remove all storyline but the bare essentials. Done. Awesome 3D Sonic game. But, since this Ken fellow is COMPLETELY obviously a furry, there really isn't much hope for any of that.

Avatar image for btstlouis

@Darkreaper_1 You're my hero, we have a lot in common

Avatar image for -White_Knight-

And about there not being that many crappy Sonic games... WRONG! It's been straight downhill since the Dreamcast... or has he forgotten about... Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic Riders, Sonic Riders Zero Gravity, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic And The Black Knight, Sonic And The Secret Rings, then even stooping as low as Mario & Sonic Olympic Games, Mario & Sonic Winter Olympic Games, Sega Superstars Tennis, and an appearance in Super Smash Bros..... have I forgotten anything? Oh btw, hardly any of these I've played 'cause I stopped caring after playing "Sonic The Hedgehog" on the 360!

Avatar image for -White_Knight-

I'd kinda like to see an online multiplayer Sonic game... why have all of those extra characters and only make a single-player game? Besides that's what's "in" right now: Halo, Gears, COD... when I play videogames, half of the reason is to talk and play with my friends!

Avatar image for QWERTYCommander

I cringed at some of his answers, especially the one about the side characters. Now I'm afraid that Sega is going to screw this one up.

Avatar image for zombey1333

I don't really get the burn on Sonic Chaos, though. If he wanted to talk about Sonic going to 8-bit he should have mentioned Sonic 1 or 2 for the GameGear or Master System. Sonic Chaos was where the 8 bit series took on a life of its own, finally hitting it's stride. It was followed up with an equally worthy title, Triple Trouble, which even improved on the work layed out for it! I understand they study to dodge the bullet on admitting the games that are still out on the market are bad, but to back that up with an obvious lack of knowledge on the subject matter? All of his credibility was lost (atleast, with those who've been with Sonic from the get-go) the moment he said Chaos was the weak jump to 8-bit. Fail.

Avatar image for zombey1333

@trancemusic123 The guy walked around any question that would have resulted in putting Sonic games in a negative light, a perfectly-classic business PR move. I have to admit, he did a pretty fancy job of it, too. I'm sure he, and anyone else from Sega who's likely to be interviewed about the blue blur, were probably well trained in advance to dodge this stuff. :p

Avatar image for zombey1333

@TheRedTree Sonic? Online multi-player? Sure it can. You and, say, up to three of your buddies can race each other, much like we did way back with Sonic 2 and 3. They could make gigantic levels with different starting points, and throw in tons of things to mess with your opponents. They could make an entire game out of it, really, with tons of different styles of play. As far as the characters appearing from Sonic Adventure and onwards, I'd have to agree that they lack the same charm previous supporting casts have had. The cast from SA on were injected with some Anime, leaving behind the cartoon-like roots the series had stuck to for so long. Knuckles Chaotix and Sonic The Fighters had characters that fit in quite nicely with Sonic.

Avatar image for TheRedTree

Sonic does NOT need to be an online multiplayer game!! Just stop it already! Sonic NEEDS to be an OFFLINE, ONE-PLAYER (or two, so you can control Tails with Sonic) game with a mix of high-speed action and platforming. It's not a hard formula to understand. SEGA needs to stick to the core characters of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. That's it! None of this Shadow and Silver junk.

Avatar image for Switchblade777

DarqFlare i agree with your replay value comment, but online multiplayer? why does everybody think every newly released game should have some form of online multiplayer???? stick to old skool characters tails, knuckles and sonic, with the inclusion of shadow cos his boss

Avatar image for green_dominator

@BrandonC3000 If they used the new characters right they might prove that they have something to offer the franchise but right now yeah the classics are the way to go...... Something tells me we might be seeing way more old school classics get updated in the near future, first Megaman then turtles and the other XBOXLA titles now Sonic.....this should be fun lol

Avatar image for BrandonC3000

All me purely old school here, but I honestly think they should scrap all the new characters and stick entirely to Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails. Shadow was awesome in his own right. He served a purpose in a story, but that's it. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are classic though, and like the main characters of a TV show, should be the only characters to stick around.

Avatar image for terror_ninja

ehhhh Sonic is kinda boring for me now....but it would be sad to just see him drop off the face of the im all up for it

Avatar image for DarqFlare

This might actually be the return to retro that Sonic needed. All Sega has to do is figure out how to make the game highly replayable, deep and with good online multiplayer to make it a success. Well, that and build the game very similar to his legacy titles.

Avatar image for TruthOpinionSpk

How is Sonic CD THE best Sonic EVAR? Also, totally can wait for this title.

Avatar image for Darkreaper_1

I think this guy was very biased about some of his answers. I grew up with sonic back in the early 90's and loved the original Sonic games. I agree that Sonic CD is THE best sonic game to date. First off as a big Sonic fan his last few outings have been a big let-down. It started to waver with the Sonic adventure games and after Sonic Adventure 2 i don't think i've played a Sonic game that i've really enjoyed or i felt improved on its predecessors. The biggest problem being the transition of speed from 2-D to 3-D I have to disagree about the additional characters as well. Besides Tails and Knuckles all the other characters added have been very annoying and a massive drag, not only in gameplay, but in story as well. If i buy a sonic game i want to play as Sonic. I want to burn through levels at super-fast speed not mess about with "sub-characters". Also taking the basic sonic template, giving him a different colour and different name while retaining the speed shows lack of originality. Just stick with sonic! After all he IS the Hero and he is the characters i want to play as!!! Glad to see they are going back to the 2D roots. Might mean they could make the first proper decent Sonic game since the "originals". As long as they leave out all the side characters and just have Sonic fighting Robotnik.

Avatar image for nandsegaman123

Oh yeah your a Sonicgod a fricking annoying one!