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Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Review Roundup: The Blue Reviews

Overall, it's a middle-of-the-road movie.


Sometimes, life comes at you fast. And when life moves fast, you got to go fast. This is why Sonic the Hedgehog is always one step ahead of the curve: he runs really fast. And now, the critical reviews are coming in for the character's live-action movie. But is this movie any good?

Over on GameSpot's sister-site Metacritic, Sonic currently sits at a score of 47, based on 28 reviews. The film has earned nine positive reviews, 13 mixed, and six negative reviews thus far. According to critics, it's a middle-of-the-road, family-friendly film. Over on Rotten Tomatoes, Sonic is rated 70% fresh based on 60 reviews, 42 of which have rated it fresh.

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Sonic the Hedgehog follows the titular blue mammal--who is actually from another planet--as he makes Earth his home. Voiced by Ben Schwartz (Comedy Bang! Bang!), he teams up with local sheriff Tom Wachowski (James Marsden), as they escape a mad genius named Dr. Ivo Robotnik (Jim Carrey) who wants to perform experiments on Sonic.

Based on the characters from the 1991 game from Sega Genesis, the movie takes a step away from the deep mythos that has been built around the character through various games, comics, and animated films and TV shows--for which there are a lot of weird characters. The film takes the two most important characters from the series--the hero and villain--and let's them run amok on our blue planet.

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Directed By: Jeff Fowler
  • Written By: Patrick Casey & Josh Miller
  • Starring: Ben Schwartz, Jim Carrey, and James Marsden
  • Release Date: February 14 (United States)

Below, you'll find a sampling of reviews from various outlets that contributed to Metacritic's overall score. Additionally, there are links to the full reviews if you want to learn more about that critic's opinions on the film.

GameSpot - 8/10

"As video game adaptations go, Sonic the Hedgehog is among the stronger ones. It's smart enough to stand on its own, making use of longstanding aspects of Sega's supersonic mascot and his franchise, while making sure that what really shines through are its characters. That restraint goes a long way to making Sonic the Hedgehog a light, funny movie, and while it definitely skews young, longtime Sonic fans should have just as much fun finally seeing the Blue Blur on the big screen." -Phil Hornshaw [Full review]

Variety - No score

"As a movie hero, Sonic could (and should) have been hipper and sharper, less megaplex arrested. Even as they fixed his face, the filmmakers strove so hard to make him 'likable' that they never figured out a way to make him cool." -Owen Gleiberman [Full review]

IGN - 7/10

"Make no mistake, this frantically-paced film is made first and foremost for Sonic fans. If you've been there for the little blue fella these past 29 years, from his humble beginnings on the Sega Genesis to his current iteration, then Sonic the Hedgehog is the love letter you're probably looking for. If not… maybe save your gold rings." -Akeem Lawanson [Full review]

A.V. Club - No score

"You could call Sonic the Hedgehog a wannabe E.T., except that might require imagining a version of Steven Spielberg's classic where the extraterrestrial flosses, makes bad Uber jokes, and lectures Elliot about not appreciating what he already has. The film rises not even above the low bar of your average video game adaptation." -A.A. Dowd [Full review]

Empire - 2/5

"An on-form Jim Carrey can't stop Sonic's live-action debut from feeling like a missed opportunity. If the teased sequels do materialise, here’s hoping the storytelling levels up." -Amon Warmann [Full review]

Time Out - 2/5

"Every so often, when the script allows, he gives Sonic the Hedgehog the jolt of silliness it's crying out for. But it's not enough. Paramount famously reworked Sonic's initially teeth-sporting look when the first trailer triggered something akin to online panic; perhaps fans should have been consulted on the script as well." -Michael Gingold [Full review]

USA Today - 2/4

"The film is fine, familiar fare for gamers and children: Sonic sprints, Carrey mugs, but the creative juices run out quickly." -Brian Truitt [Full review]

The Wrap - No score

"Sonic the Hedgehog might not become a kid-movie classic, but it makes for a great little getaway to enjoy with the whole family. That, in itself, earns a golden ring." -Yolanda Machado [Full review]

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