Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Coming in 2018, Mixes Live-Action and Animation

Sega also teases new game announcement on Twitter.

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Sonic the Hedgehog is set to star in his first feature film, which will be produced by Sony Pictures and combine live-action with animation. In a statement, Sega chief executive, Hajime Saito, confirmed the movie is set for release in 2018.

"Sega Sammy Group is currently planning with Sony Pictures to create a live-action and animation hybrid Sonic The Hedgehog movie scheduled for release in 2018," he said, speaking to The World Folio.

"Like with this CG animation production, we would like to expand our business into other entertainment areas beyond what we are currently involved. "

Sega is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its blue speedster this year and, as part of this, is expected to make a number of announcements over the coming months.

On February 9, it posted an image on Twitter that sparked speculation a new game was in development.

On January 5, Sega released a new logo for Sonic. Crush 40 lead singer Johnny Gioeli also hinted that he was involved with the development of the new game in a Facebook post which was later removed.

"We are planning a few performances for 2016 to commemorate the anniversary of Sonic," it read. "We might participate in writing new songs for the anniversary game... stay tuned."

Sega has not officially confirmed any plans to release a new anniversary game. The next Sonic game planned for release is Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice for 3DS.

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Avatar image for theredspartan

This has probably been said already, but this movie COULD be good......IF they have it set in the Sat AM/Archie Comics universe.

It might even be somewhat passable if it's a movie version of Sonic Adventure 1 (we'd be stuck with Big the Cat and Froggy, but whatever).

But the elephant in the room is the Sonic BOOM series. Even though Eggman is the only human in the BOOM games, it's what Sonic games currently ARE at the moment, so it's something to worry about.

I'm very afraid that they're gonna try to make the movie like the BOOM games, but just add humans to make it live action and still be relevant to the modern games.

With that said, I always give movie announcements the benefit of the doubt until the trailer is released.

Avatar image for csward

Nobody asked for a sonic movie. If the didn't do that in the 90's when Sonic was at his peak, why do a movie now? Sega Sammy is so out of touch. I'm sure the movie will be just awful if it's anything like the recent games.

Avatar image for leeko_link

I think I would rather just watch all the cinematic cutscenes in Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 on YouTube. Those are already movies in themselves.

Avatar image for deactivated-58df4522915cb


Avatar image for louixiii

This will not end well...

Avatar image for ladymulti

A hybrid movie.......................why...... Lemme just go watch that really weird old Sonic anime movie now to bleach my brain from this concept of a hybrid movie...I'll go laugh at Metal Sonic being called a pervert and have a lovely rest of the day.

Avatar image for Jinzo_111887

I would have recommended it being purely animated with Dreamworks Studios behind the film.

Avatar image for Evil_Sidekick

Sonic movie.....ok



That's what the world needs, an anthropomorphic hedgehog running around in the real world. Can anyone say "Pixels"?

Avatar image for belz

until there...

Avatar image for Elranzer

So? Almost ALL movies are "mixed live action and animation." TMNT and Transformers certainly are... Optimus Prime and the Turtles are cartoon characters interacting with human actors.

(I know Michael Bay wants to think his CGI is so good that the Transformers and Turtles look "real" but no, they don't. It's just the new generation of Bedknobs & Broomsticks or Roger Rabbit.)

Avatar image for elheber

"Mixes Live-Action and Animation"

This can't go wrong.

This can only go right.

Avatar image for maximimon

@elheber: oh boy thats what i was thinking , surely this movie cant go wrong :P

Avatar image for Dark_Mits

@elheber: Thank you. Thanks a lot. I had managed to delete that from my memory. Now you brought it back from the recycle bin.

Avatar image for obsidian_born


Avatar image for skyhighgam3r

This could be cool, but it won't be.

Anyone remember when the idea of Robotnick was at least kind of menacing? He managed to enslave almost an entire planet into cyborg slaves.

Now there's... Eggman... a bumbling idiot who can't do anything right.

I think the direction they took that in kind of forced them into this childlike nonsense. Need to focus on the fact their biggest fans are adults now.

Avatar image for andfx8

@skyhighgam3r: Which is why they should try to win over the younger generation again..

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

One day they seem to decide "Ok we are done with Sonic let him rest"

Then comes the 2nd day and they say lets make a Sonic movie

Avatar image for nyadc

"We're literally going to start burning our money now!"


Avatar image for Valkeerie

Ha ha, SEGA's chief executive is a character from Rurouni Kenshin.

Avatar image for csward

@Valkeerie: I've seen Kenshin, but I'm not making the connection.

Avatar image for Valkeerie

@csward: - here he is.

Avatar image for girlusocrazy


Avatar image for Jasurim

The movie we've all been waiting for....

Avatar image for ello432

I hope that one day Sonic will final find a formula that works be it new or old.

The movie I think should be pawn that off to Disney to make a Pixar movie. I think that might be a better studio than Sony as they are more kid focused but Sega will pick a Japanese studio to make the movie. Disney could do so much more for the advertising and merchandising and just a better foundation to get into the movies with.

Avatar image for Nawras

I'd rather have Sega focus on making a proper Sonic game (last good Sonic game I played was Sonic Advance) than them making a movie (I cringe thinking of the voice acting).

Avatar image for metallinatus

Ha! Nintendo is always one step ahead, Sega, you're too slow! They released a crappy movie much before your crappy movie!

....Meanwhile, hoping for some HedgehogxHuman action.... that worked too well in 06.

Avatar image for maximimon

@metallinatus: im expecting that to happen :P

Avatar image for andfx8

@metallinatus: Nintendo is one step ahead of Sega?? Maybe, but looking at the Wii U's failure I think they're both pretty far behind

Avatar image for neowarrior793

ok yes this will probably tank, tank very hard, i really doubt that sonics would appeal to kids these days.

Avatar image for snugglebear

Again, Danny DeVito in a blue outfit would sell trillions. And that's just to me.

Avatar image for andfx8

@snugglebear: No no no, he should be Robtnik

Avatar image for Elranzer

@andfx8: Danny DeVito as Dr. Eggman might just break Avatar's box office numbers.

Avatar image for snugglebear

@andfx8: Robotnik is going to be Vin Diesel!

Avatar image for davillain-

@snugglebear: Well he does have the voice after all.

Avatar image for tom_cat_01

Remember a few years ago, when Sonic Generations and Sonic Colors were released, and they were really good and it looked like Sonic was going to have a renaissance... then.. *sigh*.

I'll never understand why they didn't make dlc or a sequel to Generations. That game was so small for what it could have been.

Avatar image for csward

@tom_cat_01: They only got a 77 and 78 on metacritic, hardly due for a renaissance.

Avatar image for heqteur

I just can't see how this could go well. This is gonna bomb the entire internet on the day of its premiere.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

After that last awful sonic entry I'm surprised that they are making another game. Another alien isolation would be a good idea SEGA

Avatar image for xsonicchaos

No, don't do that! If the people at Sony Pictures are trying to find ways to go bankrupt, I guess they're on the good path to it. To whom is this movie going to cater? Children? They barely know who Sonic is? Grown-ups with nostalgia? I know all I'm left with is a stupid nickname. No one really cares about Sonic anymore (except maybe those crappy creepypasta nuts). Hell, Sega doesn't even care about Sonic? I guess it's cheaper to make a live action animation mix, but they might be better off with some new IP. I'm just saying. A cartoony Sonic the mutant hedgehog will not blend well with live action, the same way you don't make create a romance between >it< and a human. Are we frikin insane? At least Ubisoft got the right idea with Rayman. When your character is, from a realistical point of view, a damn freak with levitating limbs, you keep it in the realm of fantasy.

Avatar image for domiddian

Super Mario Bros - The Movie... Yeah... That's right. I went there.

Avatar image for maximimon

@domiddian: ughh you had to go there!! Why?

Avatar image for davillain-

@domiddian: Oh no you didn't. I actually like that movie :P [For guilty pleasure]

Avatar image for domiddian

@davillain-: Haha, to be honest, I've never watched it, just heard it's really bad. I might give it a try, just for laughs.

Avatar image for andfx8

@domiddian: I think you're on to something...

Avatar image for Dark_sageX

"combining live action with animation"? looks like the sonic circle spinned back really quick lol, well hopefully the game will be good at least.

Avatar image for KBABZ

Uhh, Madeon?

Avatar image for brn-dn

I'm having trouble trying to comprehend this.

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