Sonic the Hedgehog 4 hits a speed bump

Sega's episodic mascot revival delayed to late 2010 as publisher incorporates fan feedback; iPhone and iPod Touch version confirmed.


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If there's one trait Sonic the Hedgehog lacks, it's patience. Despite that, patience is now the keyword for Sega's mascot, as the publisher has delayed the downloadable debut of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 from this summer to late 2010.

Maybe now Sonic can slow it down a bit.
Maybe now Sonic can slow it down a bit.

In a post on the official Sonic blog, a Sega representative said the delay was imposed "to ensure that Sonic 4: Episode 1 is a game worthy of bearing the weight of its name." The post also notes that the extra development time is allowing the publisher to incorporate fan feedback into the final game.

In addition to the delay, Sega announced that Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is also in development for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The game had already been confirmed for release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii.

While diehard fans have often pleaded for a new 2D installment in the Sonic series, the publisher has for years pursued 3D projects and spin-offs. Recently, the series incorporated gameplay revolving around transmogrification in Sonic Unleashed. The iconic hedgehog also tried out high-speed driving skills in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing and character progression in the BioWare-developed DS role-playing game Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

For more on Sonic the Hedgehog 4, check out today's episode of On the Spot (set to go live at 4 p.m. Pacific time), featuring an interview with Sega associate brand manager Ken Balough.

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Avatar image for Sonic_Freak87

Only the die hard sonic fans enjoyed the latest sonic games..although the ds sonic games (sonic rush and sonic rush adventure) were actually really really good, but as long sonic the hedgehog 4 gives us fans a nostalgic feel i think we'll all be happy, i mean this is exactly what we wanted right?

Avatar image for zinoalex

Sega has an adaptability problem with Sonic. When Sonic stopped being 2D and started being 3D the games, and the interest in the games, went south.My advise to Sega---stick with what you are good at.

Avatar image for Gsai64

Sure, I'll wait, but if it sucks as bad as the last ten sonic games then I give up on sonic for good.

Avatar image for monson21502

speed bump??? more like he tripped over his balls, now sega is rubbing them in our faces!

Avatar image for shakensparco

Episodic games feel like a way of gouging the player of their money.

Avatar image for skullflower

I don't mind waiting a little longer; as long as they're trying to make the best game they possible can.

Avatar image for voldo25

i wonder if sega knows that sonic 4 is already leaked on the internet. its been out for weeks now. sega cant catch a break.

Avatar image for Skull-Fire

So all those fanboy cry babies whinging that 'the sprite looks all wrong, the games gonna suck because sonic doesnt look exactly like he used to.. wah wah wah.' Im usually pleased to hear the developers listening to the fans, but those little **** dont deserve it.

Avatar image for APic

In all fairness, the GBA Sonic game were fun, but there were also just 2D like the old ones. Hopefully this will turn out as fun as Sonic 1-3.

Avatar image for thps48

Yay, feedback... Thank God. Else they would have made Shadow shoot machine guns and drive a Jeep... Damn. However, Suda mentioned he utilized a great amount of fan feedback in Desperate Struggle, and it ended up a kind of homogenized blob undecided whether or not it wants to be killer7 or Uncharted: Drake's Contempt. Well, that game had more focus on story than something like Contra. As long as this can accomplish the basics in quality rebooting as demonstrated by Mega Man 9, I'll go ahead and try it out.

Avatar image for theKSMM

I certainly applaud Sega for taking the time to get this right. While Mario seems to keep hitting nothing but home runs, Sega has been saddled with some of the worst platforming games imaginable in the past few years. Hopefully setting the bar lower and returning to the roots of Sonic will help them to achieve success. I can't wait to see what a 2-D Sonic can do on modern-day hardware!

Avatar image for leeko_link

Finally Sega did what Nintendoes now by delaying their hit game and taking their times to make it better (hopefully).

Avatar image for Darthrocker

hmmm... now i can port the game from iphone/ipad touch format to PC... seeing how my pc petition went unnoticed

Avatar image for milesprower2k9

At least they're thinking a bit now, not rushing the game out like they did with Sonic 06 ect. I'd rather it take longer to come out, than coming out soon feeling broken

Avatar image for satan112

Putting the game release date is totally justified if they're incorporating fan feedback. The fact that they're simply going back to the original 2D style is reason enough for me to be happy waiting until the game is truly finished.

Avatar image for Zackarias-313

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood...Really!? lol

Avatar image for pip_boy_3000

that's too bad

Avatar image for Flint247

Even if this game fails (I hope not), I will give Sega/Sonic Team some credit for actually going back to the original Sonic style. From the looks of it, they are putting in hard work to make sure this game doesn't flop. Go Sega/Sonic Team!!

Avatar image for Brilliant_R

This reminds me of something Miyamoto said (I know he's Nintendo and not Sega, but still)... "A good game that is delayed will eventually come out good. A bad game that is rushed will be bad forever." ...Or something like that. You can see how it applies here; Sega now wants to take their time making a good Sonic game instead of... what's been happening more recently.

Avatar image for barny0111

..... but I want it nowww.

Avatar image for etai79

As far as I'm concerned Sonic Rush is Sonic 4, this is Sonic 5 beetches.

Avatar image for jhawk

Hey, if they're taking fan feedback and it actually makes the game better quality for it, then I say no problem with a delay. Do what you must Sega.

Avatar image for bardos-the-3rd

the great question is why were the last games of sonic so bad, it's not like other characters that never made a good passing from 2d to 3d ,sonic did it, sonic adventure one and two are great, but everything that came after that were between average and mediocre, this game will be great but I hope they don't use the excuse of the chapters to give us only 4 world to full price and then ad more paying

Avatar image for Paul2004

They are actually tryin to make a good sonic game ?, first time i heard that !. Sonic is a good game but Sega keeps rushing it out without correcting annoying little things, if they take their time with development then im sure they can create a game thats finally worthy of the legacy of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Avatar image for Flint247

This delay does surprise me. Very rarely will Sega delay a game like this for the audience purpose. o_O

Avatar image for Darkmoone1

To anyone with the episodic complaining should stop. They acknowlaged the demand for a Retail version. If you can't buy the episodes seperatly than wait for a disc release. Which probobly won't happen until after all the episodes are out, so I'm not understanding why someone would be holding there breath when bits of the game are being released online.

Avatar image for BLKCrystilMage

Because Sonic Team isn't listening to ten year old fanboys enough, right?

Avatar image for raith616

hmm after how many bad games does sega notice the dismal nonsense they have released ? search sonic therers the answer!!

Avatar image for JonChaoZ

Holy crap, a Sonic game gets delayed? Does Sega actually... care for once?

Avatar image for Flint247

What I don't like about Sonic fans is that they are too nitpicky. Sure there have been bad games, but come on. No need to complain over EVERY single thing about Sonic. "OH NOES! I don't like the way he runs!" "Oh noes! They added an unnecessary character!" "Oh noes! They made Sonic 4 too much like the Genesis games! We want something new!" "Oh noes! Sonic 4's Sonic looks like the new Sonic instead of the old Sonic!" "Oh noes! The sky is too blue!" "Oh noes! This enemy shouldn't be here!" "Oh noes! The rings are too big!" You get my point. I know there are some legitimate complaints, but overall, people are just too nitpicky. Just enjoy the game or don't play it at all. Simple as that. I rest my case.

Avatar image for jon46410

2D Sonics were the best, shame sega could never get 3D right like Nintendo with Mario. But Sonic 4 don't matter to me cause it's only DLC. Till it gets a physical release it don't exists to me.

Avatar image for soniex

I've played many of the sonic games through the years, and really the only one that was really good (besides the originals) was Adventure Battle 2 for the GC. This is the first sonic game that actuitally stands a chance and can live up to its original image.

Avatar image for Blue-N-Yellow

Is anyone else put off by the "Episode 1" part?

Avatar image for NitRaTe

@hannify Yeah, but I don't blame them. I mean, look at Bayonetta. That was overhyped but still a great game nonetheless.

Avatar image for hannify

I think sega is really frightened they will mess this up and I wouldn't blame them.

Avatar image for kekejefferis

This can only bode well for SH4, perhaps if Sega listened to the fans before then Sonic wouldnt be in the state he is now. Fingers crossed this will breathe life back into the dying blue hog.

Avatar image for andalore

The first sonic game in about 15 years that looks like it will be good.

Avatar image for littlestreakier

I really hope they don't mess this game up. I've been wanting a game like this for a very long time now. I'm more than happy to wait if the delay is worthwhile. Also there's a very good chance i'll be getting the iphone version so hopefully the slowdown will not be bad for it, please try to fix that sega.

Avatar image for dylace731

I was looking forward to it. I'm glad Sonic is returning to his roots. The new ones suck! Sonic Unleashed was just the worst.

Avatar image for Pierce_Sparrow

Well, this is disappointing. This was one of the few near-future games I was looking forward to. Oh well, I just hope the delay is worth it.

Avatar image for Darkman2007

id rather they took their time and made a good game, then rushed it and made a bad game. they can take the time if they want to

Avatar image for ascoteton77

As long as they get it right, I'm okay with any delays. I usually get really upset if a game that I'm anticipating is delayed and STILL doesn't play right. That just reeks of failure. If a delay is needed and the game turns out to be excellent...then in the end, the waiting was worth it!

Avatar image for Frequenxy

I'm fine with this delay. I'd rather play an awesome game I have to wait for than a mediocre game coming out soon.

Avatar image for P_R_E_Y

@oOMrCheesyOo Well looks like you wont be buying it then, its arcade only, a game that is only Episode 1 would be stupid to release to shelves, wouldnt sell well at all. And a collectors edition would be daft for the same reason, and besides the fact it is a side scroller should be fine on its own, not this stupid 3d rubbish.

Avatar image for fps_d0minat0r

theres a reason i stopped playing got boring! make something new. oh well, its not as bad as mario because nintendon't innovate.

Avatar image for o0MrCheesy0o

@ 3dmetrius God yes! That would be super awesome :D I for one will not be buying this unless it comes on a disc of some kind. I hate paying for virtual data that I can't physically hold :/

Avatar image for 3dmetrius

So, Sega is listening to fan feedback uh? Pay attention to this one here please: - Make a hard copy, old school game box/art, well printed game manual. - A Super Hyper and even more expensive collector's edition PACK with exclusive Sonic stuff. Like a Sega Genesis cartridge shaped and labeled something. C'mon people, make it unforgettable for the fans and a great marketing revival for you.

Avatar image for Hvac0120

Curious if they are going to tap into Motion Controls? Although I don't think it would be a good idea when the concept is to take Sonic back to his roots. I may have an iPhone by the time it comes out. Maybe I'll give it a go there as well as on either 360 or PS3...

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat

To the dudes lamenting about this game not going to the PC, well, Sega has not been really good at acknowledging the existence of the PC as a gaming platform after all. Sega has published close to 6000 games already, and only less than 100 of these are PC games - and even a huge portion of these are lame ports.

Avatar image for LAwLB15

no psp or pc version??? smfh