Sonic the Hedgehog 4 hits a speed bump

Sega's episodic mascot revival delayed to late 2010 as publisher incorporates fan feedback; iPhone and iPod Touch version confirmed.


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If there's one trait Sonic the Hedgehog lacks, it's patience. Despite that, patience is now the keyword for Sega's mascot, as the publisher has delayed the downloadable debut of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 from this summer to late 2010.

Maybe now Sonic can slow it down a bit.
Maybe now Sonic can slow it down a bit.

In a post on the official Sonic blog, a Sega representative said the delay was imposed "to ensure that Sonic 4: Episode 1 is a game worthy of bearing the weight of its name." The post also notes that the extra development time is allowing the publisher to incorporate fan feedback into the final game.

In addition to the delay, Sega announced that Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is also in development for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The game had already been confirmed for release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii.

While diehard fans have often pleaded for a new 2D installment in the Sonic series, the publisher has for years pursued 3D projects and spin-offs. Recently, the series incorporated gameplay revolving around transmogrification in Sonic Unleashed. The iconic hedgehog also tried out high-speed driving skills in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing and character progression in the BioWare-developed DS role-playing game Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

For more on Sonic the Hedgehog 4, check out today's episode of On the Spot (set to go live at 4 p.m. Pacific time), featuring an interview with Sega associate brand manager Ken Balough.

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sebastempo Why on ipod and not in PC? What's wrong with sega with the PC? ************************************************************* How many people are going to buy Sonic 4 on a PC compared to 360, PS3, PSP, DS, IPad, I Phone and other mobile phones? Not many. Still, since this is a downloadable game, most likely it'll end up on the PC. I think SEGA is focusing on the more popular demographic areas first. As for the game itself. It'll have to take things into a new direction. The 3D Sonic games were not very good. Bioware's "Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood" was good though. I'm surprised SEGA didn't try to get a sequel or full HD version made for this game.

Avatar image for x-2tha-z

I bought Sonic 2 for my 3GS. It has probably the worst slowdown I've ever seen. Hopefully Sonic 4 will perform better.

Avatar image for sebastempo

Why on ipod and not in PC? What's wrong with sega with the PC?

Avatar image for hyper_trunkx

ah..i was lookin forward to it for this summer. oh well, it better be good

Avatar image for comb5

Come on. It's old-school 2D sonic. I really can't think of a way they could screw this up. You run through a level, with multiple ways to get to the end, if you get enough rings you sometimes get a secret level. Every three levels you fight Robotnik, and then the scenery changes. It's pretty simple.

Avatar image for JKnaperek

They're taking more development time to incorporate fan feedback?? Couldn't they just release it and check the gaming forums that will have plenty of feedback already.

Avatar image for Urban_Flow

....Man I pray to god they don't screw this up....I'd rather have a game thats delayed and good instead of one that releases early and is terrible.Though Since im a fan regardless of being good or bad to the general public i'll still play it =)

Avatar image for jtthegame316

i will be more likely to get it on my 360 than i pod.

Avatar image for hememi

this game will forever either help sonic back up or destroy it

Avatar image for Narroo

Oh god, they're pandering to the base.

Avatar image for richioso

C'mon people, this game is being delayed for the crappy Iplod iterrations, I will wait until I can buy a hard copy of the three episodes together as I don't know one retro gamer that doesn't want a physical copy over DD(I'm not sayin there not out there tho). Until then I'm sitting in work playin original sonic on MS Excel.

Avatar image for zmbi_gmr

Sega representative said the delay was imposed "to ensure that Sonic 4: Episode 1 is a game worthy of bearing the weight of its name." Well with that sort of ideal then shouldn't the rest of the Sonic games still be in development??? I mean I haven't played a sonic title since the old Genesis days that were release worthy. How long should it take for a developer to re-make a 2-D side scroller that they perfected years ago? I'm thinking someone in the developemnt team hasn't been taking this game seriously enough or it would be ready for release. I'm predicting failure on this title...

Avatar image for supershyguy65

This better mean Casino Street 2 and the mine cart level are out. The mine cart level INSULTS Donkey Kong Country.

Avatar image for deactivated-57fce817a4cf5

This is great news. If Sega is listening to what us fans want, rather than trying to force feed us what they THINK we want, then surely we will be in for a treat which does the Mega Drive (Genesis) games justice. I have high hopes for this one. Oh and Sega, since you are listening to what fans want, can you give us the third Shenmue at some point? Pretty please!

Avatar image for grasshopper6

crying out loud release the game already 2D sonic is what people want, and it would be nice to get it in physical media disc with sonic on the box cover throwing up 4

Avatar image for FamousCalibur

i've seen the videos for Sonic 4, it looks like he's walking instead of running, and where's the sense of speed like from sonic unleashed

Avatar image for Phil-teh-Pirate

@Wings_008 You are no less than a God for saying what we all truely think.

Avatar image for Phil-teh-Pirate

So the much touted Sonic revival for Sonic / SEGA fans, made for fans, with inspiration from fans has been delayed because just revealed "they want to listen to fans". NERD RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE (I still love you SEGA)

Avatar image for chocolate1325

Why don't they just m ake a full game instead of a 3 parter that only lasts an hour.

Avatar image for davidamos

mischiefmeerkat - episode 3 is in production, learn some patience. we don't want them to rush out any old cr*p

Avatar image for JmanRBS

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for Prophet_of_War

I hope fan feedback included ninja zombies brandishing laser swords cos that would be SWEEET.

Avatar image for SuprSaiyanRockr

I guess that's why it was leaked; so they could get fan feedback. Hope they don't take some of the more absurd complaints too seriously (eg. wrong shade of blue, etc).

Avatar image for mischiefmeerkat

Every single thing BUT the PC :/ oh well. I don't trust episodic games anyway. They always end badly. They never even did Half life episode 3

Avatar image for Malhound

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 for iPhones, Not for iPad. Episode 2 in 2011?

Avatar image for WINGMASTER7

This is good news.

Avatar image for taxonomic

Well, if it worked for Mega Man, it'll work for Sonic. The last good Sonic game (For me, anyway) was Sonic Adventure.

Avatar image for coaltango

this really brings back alot of childhood memories. sonic in 2D

Avatar image for chrispicard

shame, i would have bought this in the summer when there's not much else good to play, but late 2010?... you must be joking! too many triple A's to be getting stuck into. This delay will deffinately hurt sales.

Avatar image for Wings_008

hmm, looks like sega is serious this time

Avatar image for koolkat14

Fan feedback? Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

Avatar image for robotica

Thats fine if they want to hold it off for a while, i've waited sixteen years i can wait a few more months.

Avatar image for joet1973

I sure would have loved this ten years ago!

Avatar image for Flint247

This gives me more time to make a Sonic 1-3 Video Walkthrough for Youtube in celebration for Sonic 4. :D

Avatar image for TissueShoe

Ok, well if it means a better game than take the extra time for sure! I'm looking forward to seeing how this one turns out!

Avatar image for Zanoh

Thank god they are giving this game QA. Something it lacked a long time ago post DC days.

Avatar image for RitsukoEX

@Neosonic23 crappy Sonic Team is not making this!

Avatar image for Meinhard1

It's good to know they're giving this one the extra effort.

Avatar image for ItsEvolution

While I applaud Sega for taking the time to ensure this is a quality product, I have to wonder how long it really takes in this day and age to make a 2D platformer.

Avatar image for potatotarussis

Well, I suppose they should take all the time they need. It would be nice to enjoy a sonic game again after about...what...15 years? Sad that the best sonic games released since the mid 90's is his collection stuff.

Avatar image for Jerrymiru

Hopefully ironing out things. But overall still glad to see them go back to Sonic's roots.

Avatar image for Neosonic23

First time i see Sega Actually Delaying a game for Perfection. Make us Proud Sonic Team

Avatar image for lamprey263

I don't mind the delay as long as they're polishing it up. It's been a while since I played a Sonic title.

Avatar image for wario96

as a wise man once said "a delayed game is usally good, a rushed game is doomed to be bad"

Avatar image for luckjon

Sonic and Knuckles, nuff said.

Avatar image for Flint247

Now about that iPhone/iPod Touch release, I don't know how well that will work... o.o'

Avatar image for Flint247

I don't mind the episodes. If it's similar to Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles, I am all for it. Those games put together made one of the best Sonic games ever. But if they release a full game, I won't mind. Either way, I just want them to take their time, ignore the haters, and produce an amazing game. :D

Avatar image for Mr_Manikin52

This is my kind of game.

Avatar image for lock445

I'm not sure if Sonic as a franchise will ever get back on its feet like this. They need something BIG to reboot the franchise. DLC, unless it's something great like Shadow Complex, will probably not do much to boost the franchise and frankly Sonic Team as a whole back to where is was a while ago.

Avatar image for Quezakolt

I wish this wasn't a downloadable game.