Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 zips to XBLA this week

Xbox Live Update: Sega's 2D blue blur revival available this week alongside Games on Demand release of Gears of War 2; Alan Wake "The Writer" DLC, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II demo now out.


No Caption Provided It's a busy week on Xbox Live, as everything from a blue hedgehog to a flashlight-toting mystery solver makes its way to Microsoft's virtual storefront this week.

Leading the pack is Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 (1,200 MS points, or $15). The title is due out on Wednesday and casts players as the legendary blue blur, zipping, zooming, and collecting coins around all-new 2D environments. The title picks up right where Sonic and Knuckles left off and tasks players with defeating Dr. Eggman's most devious schemes. The title was first announced in 2009 as Project Needlemouse and was scheduled to arrive this summer before suffering a delay.

Sonic is now an HD hedgehog.
Sonic is now an HD hedgehog.

Switching to the Games on Demand hub, Epic Games' popular shooter Gears of War 2 will be available as a full-game download on Wednesday. Microsoft did not announce a price point for Gears of War 2. The title follows a band of soldiers fighting against a massive invasion by the underground dwellers known as the Locust.

The title also boasts a multiplayer component where players can fight against each other in a number of game modes on numerous maps. For these players Microsoft is offering the All Fronts downloadable content pack--which contains all previously released DLC packs--for 400 MS points or $5.

Gamers looking to add to their existing games can download new content for Remedy Games' mystery action title Alan Wake today. Available to download now is The Writer (560 MS points, or $7). The content is a new mission pack that thrusts Wake into new nightmarish scenarios. It follows July's The Signal and is the final mission pack coming to the game.

On the demo front, Microsoft added a sampler for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II today. The trial gives players a first look at the next chapter in the franchise. Specifically, the demo casts players as Starkiller and lets them try their hand at his new dual-lightsaber attacks. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II hits shelves on October 26. The original Force Unleashed sold more than 7 million units.

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Avatar image for turtlebird95

Game's good so far. Fast pace platforming is still great this generation! :)

Avatar image for lilflex1

hope theres a nice amount of levels if not longer ones

Avatar image for Flint247

Today's the day! :D

Avatar image for leeko_link

Collecting coins? It seems GameSpot forgot that this is a Sonic game.

Avatar image for Pete5506

Looking forward to getting Sonic, 2d greatness

Avatar image for Henninger

Now awhile back a rep 4 Sega said that they wont just put this out as a full game cuz they dont think any1 will pay 60 bucks 4 it. Now i c the price 4 it & its 15 bucks. Watch they'll put out 4 episodes & if u do the math that'll equal out 2 b 60 bucks. Sega thinks they're slick. Im gonna wait till theyre all out b4 i buy anything. I wanna c how slick they think they r & how dumb they think we r.

Avatar image for SuprSaiyanRockr

Wait, 1200MS for 4 stages? Did they add more or something?

Avatar image for SuprSaiyanRockr

Wow, literally forgot about sonic 4 for waiting so long :P Looking like a good week :)

Avatar image for Sniperwire

+1 This comment if your buying Sonic tomorrow :)

Avatar image for diggyman

I'm also excited for Sonic Colors

Avatar image for diggyman


Avatar image for Slagar

DO WANT! I mean, Sonic that is. Also, good to see Alan Wake DLC. That game needs more love from gamers IMO, it's awesome.

Avatar image for Animatronic64

Sometimes I feel that GameSpot news editors don't know their games, too well. First, the "sinister" Protoss in a Starcraft II article, and now "coins" instead of rings. Plus, I'm sure there are more instances of these discrepancies. Oh well, at least it's sort of amusing. That counts for something, right?

Avatar image for Darkmoone1

Sonic 4: A great return. Also, Some people on SEGA official site are butthurt. :lol:

Avatar image for Trogeton

aah sweet I'm a beast at sonic games.. I just have the 1st one.. I should download all of them

Avatar image for Barighm

Sonic 4 picks up right where S&K left off? Completely skipping every other Sonic game since the last great 2D game? Nice move! ...well, that particular move anyway. Stupid episodic releases...

Avatar image for AtlanticRock

I can't for tomorrow to play this. -downloads Red Dead Redemption Hunters and Traders DLC to kill time til Sonic 4 is released- Sonic CD "Sonic Boom": << LINK REMOVED >>

Avatar image for Flint247

lol, "coins". xD

Avatar image for karloss01

"players as the legendary blue blur, zipping, zooming, and collecting coins around all-new 2D environments." *facepalms*

Avatar image for Flint247

You best believe I am getting Sonic 4 (XBLA version)! :D

Avatar image for UnknownPerson55

sonic has never collected coins. theyre rings. gamespot editors ftw.

Avatar image for Animatronic64

@ Shakezulah Eh, stop complaining about the price. You can beat the first Sonic the Hedgehog game in less than an hour, and that was like $50 when it came out. Furthermore, if you adjust that price for inflation, it would probably cost around $100 today. I understand the economy is currently in a tough state, but it's only $15, and from what I gather that isn't too bad of a deal, that is, assuming it has decent replay value. Besides, there's more important things to complain about (such as 99% of DLC packs).

Avatar image for mario-nin-freak

@Hopkins_J It takes a while sometimes ;)

Avatar image for Hopkins_J

I don't see it. It is up yet?

Avatar image for pattywagon313

Finally what sonic should be

Avatar image for howie1926

Damn it. Now I gotta get some MS points to get Sonic. Also cant wait to try the Force Unleashed 2 demo

Avatar image for Shakezulah

$15 for Sonic 4: Episode One is completely ridiculous. It's not a full game, so how the hell can they justify its price point?

Avatar image for BasilVZero

They should release this on the portables as well :

Avatar image for StanLords

I wish they would make an Alan wake 2 as well scot. But the sales were bad and the production time on the game was ridiculous for some reason. Bummer, it really is a great game; me thinks.

Avatar image for scotwolf

seems i need to buy more xbox live points , alan wake the writer is a must have for me and they release sonic 4 ep1 same week which i would want to buy too. hope they make an alan wake 2

Avatar image for FusionHunterX

Man, I gotta go get some more MS points. I've been waiting for Sonic 4 since they revealed it last year. Can't wait!

Avatar image for WafflePrime

must download Force Unleashed 2 demo

Avatar image for senorbusyman

cant wait to try all this new stuff

Avatar image for mrzero1982pt2

anyone know the file size for sonic 4?