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Sonic Superstars Is A 2D Retro Throwback With Co-Op

Up to four players can join in as classic Sonic characters.


Announced at Summer Game Fest, Sonic Superstars is the next entry in the legendary series. Sonic Superstars features a smooth 3D art style, but classic 2D Sonic gameplay. Up to four players can play together as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. Even if you are playing alone, you can choose any of the characters to play as. Each of the characters has their own associated abilities, like Knuckles' climbing and Amy's hammer.

The trailer shows various environments, including a Green-Hill-Zone-style starting area, a pixelated digital realm, and a jungle covered with rideable vines. Sonic can also now ascend waterfalls with a water power-up and fly through the air with a grapple hook in more 3D environments. The game will also include bonus stages a la the original games, where players control a pinball-like Sonic in block based courses. The end of the trailer announces that Sonic Superstars will coming in Fall 2023. You can sign up at the official website to get an exclusive Amy skin. The base game will be priced at $60.

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For the wizened among us, this may bring back memories of Sonic The Hedgehog 4, another 3D-style Sonic throwback. Sega has also recently been exploring retro throwbacks with games like Sonic Mania, a wholly original 2D Sonic games, and Sonic Origins, a remake of the original Sega Genesis classics.

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