Sonic Rush Character Spotlight: Blaze

We take a close look at Sonic's newest companion, the fiery feline Blaze the Cat.


Sonic Rush is an upcoming DS game from Sega, starring the blue hedgehog that helped make the Sega name. The game is notable for a number of reasons: its slick presentation and smart use of the DS screen, the savvy mix of 2D and 3D gameplay, and the introduction of yet another face to the Sonic universe. The purple newcomer is the mysterious Blaze the Cat, a fast feline who is a 14-year-old guardian of the Sol Emeralds and who has the ability to manipulate fire. Normally cool and collected, she gives the impression that she keeps a tight lid on her emotions, but this may not be her true nature. Despite her calm appearance, she can lose her temper, and when she does, she's quite scary to be around.

Blaze the Cat is yet another addition to Sonic's menagerie of pals.
Blaze the Cat is yet another addition to Sonic's menagerie of pals.

Blaze is reserved, disciplined, and somewhat shy and prefers to build a wall around herself when it comes to strangers. However, once she has become friends with someone, she tends to be slightly more intimate than what's considered normal. She understands her role as a priestess, which is to protect the Sol Emeralds, and she takes that role seriously, perhaps too seriously for her own good.

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