Sonic Rivals returns to PSP

Sega bringing confrontational 2D action platformer back to Sony's portable platform this fall.


Despite initially being utterly disavowed by its creators, Sonic cast his speedy blue streak on both current-generation handheld systems in 2006, appearing as Sonic Rush on the Nintendo DS and Sonic Rivals on the PlayStation Portable. And as it did with the DS iteration in April, Sega announced today it would be giving Sonic Rivals another run on Sony's portable platform in the form of Sonic Rivals 2.

As with the first Sonic Rivals, Sonic Rivals 2 squares off speedsters from past Sonic games mano-a-mano over the course of labyrinthine levels. To the offerings, Sega will be adding a new multiplayer battle mode, which lets two players use the PSP's game-sharing functionality to compete in six different ad hoc races using a single copy of the game. A single-player free play mode has also been added, as have new playable characters, such as fan-favorite Tails.

Sega will also be attempting to improve upon Sonic Rivals 2's forerunner. Set to be included in the upcoming 2D action platformer is a revamped "jostling" mechanic, as well as new power-ups and weapons. An expanded collectible card game mode featuring an additional 150 cards will allow fans to further customize their runners and unlock extras.

Sonic Rivals 2 will be available exclusively for the PlayStation Portable this fall. It has not yet been rated or priced.

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