Sonic Riders return on PS2, Wii

Sega mascot's hoverboard racing spin-off set for a sequel early next year.


While Sonic the Hedgehog is looking to prove his dominance at traditional sporting events in the Olympic Games later this year, Sega's blue speedster still has an eye on more extreme sports as well.

Sega today announced that its Sonic Riders hoverboard-racing spin-off will return next year, with a new installment on the Wii and PlayStation 2. The original Sonic Riders debuted on the Xbox, PlayStation 2, and GameCube in February 2006.

Developed by Sonic Team, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity will add gravity-manipulating mechanics to the original game's formula, as well as new futuristic tracks that will have players racing through space. The game will also include more playable racers, new hoverboards and bikes, and the ability to upgrade those rides over time.

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity is set for a February release. For more on the series, check out the original game's review.

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Avatar image for adkcrazox

this game a 5.0 gamespot ya are cheap with game score they should make the game let see if they could do it better lol stupid gamespot this web sucks lol

Avatar image for kingrutoz

im still playin the first sonic riders cant wait for this one to come out

Avatar image for DesertClawX2X

I'm not exactly sure if I'll get this, but I wouldn't mind taking it for a spin if I do. :)

Avatar image for GBA_DS31

I can't wait till it comes out!

Avatar image for supergohan1

cool, it's too bad that it's not coming out sooner

Avatar image for spider-manfan45

if it gets a good rating...... i might think bout it....................... and darkspine is right how can u play it if it isnt out yet??????????????

Avatar image for DarkspineSonic0

alright now here's wat i think wat more they should do with this game, make a tutorial, better tricks, longer story, faster speed, more movement controls, and espacially more multiplayer modes like battle, or half pipe. and MangoLlamas, how can u play the sequel of sonic riders when it's not out yet? and Yoshilila, u should know that sonic and the secret rings is played with 1 controler, 4 butons and 5 movements

Avatar image for MangoLlamas

I played the sequel and kinda hated it.... Dulls as you continue playing untill you have had enough of it.... And im sorry to say but i dont think they can pull off a near decent game out of another sonic sequel, if they rush it atleast..... How come sonic "rush" is good when other rushed titles are'nt? awkward..... Anyhow, recent riding and rancing games hav'nt provided a good combo of the two for example tony hawk:downhill jam.... But more basic touch ups of the game could include online... Sadly, i dont think i will be getting this game....

Avatar image for Shadow_Solder

Sweet, I'm glad they are giving a sequel to Riders.

Avatar image for Yoshilila

YAHOO man this is geting better and better i mean i still am trying to get the money together to buy the WII but the first game i am gonna buy for it is sonic and the secret rings and by the time i've finished that game mario and sonic at the olympics should be out and then i am gonna get that ^^ its gonna be awesome and the third game i am gonna get is gonna be sonic riders zero gravity P.s.:I am half german and half american and i am living in germany and so on. so that means i am gonna buy the german WII and the olympics game should be here in germany at almost the same time as the sonic riders zero gravity in the usa so it will take quit long until i will be able to play sonic riders zero gravity but what makes me more exciting is just i really liked the first part of the game well i didnt own it i never had time to buy it but my friends had it they just never leted me play cause they said the game is stupid but those few times i played i really got addicted ^^

Avatar image for DarkspineSonic0

All right! Sonic riders. owning a wii is great! lets see the new tricks, characters, and maybe even a tutorial and new gear how awesome is that gonna be? I don't know but we'll see. And I wonder what the story could be?

Avatar image for meanjoe

Gotta add a 'look behind' button. and come customization of the characters, like the PSP Rivals. but more stuff

Avatar image for HunterPat

Looks better than the first one.

Avatar image for aashkii

I never played the first Riders. The sequel better feature online, which I think it's unlikely :(

Avatar image for playstation_wii

I hope it's better than the last! :D

Avatar image for lamprey263

Well there's over 100+ million PS2s, probably would make more money by itself on the PS2 than on the Wii, PS3, X360, and PC combined.

Avatar image for supuhpapuhmario


Avatar image for NeoFalconHavok

YES!! I loved the first game! And now I have THREE sequels to look forward too on the wii!

Avatar image for Hellmonkey012

If it comes out at the same time as MarioKart Wii then I'm getting Mario Kart no doubt.

Avatar image for Hellmonkey012

It would be cool if they used the Balance Board for this game and the Wii Zapper so we could blast opponents while riding.

Avatar image for rikhan_z

Sonic Riders was a OK game, but the controls were alittle thin, I hope the sequel will improve the formula.

Avatar image for chocolate1325

The last decent Sonic game was Sonic Rush but what can be different in Sonic Riders 2. I can only think of online play. I didn't get the first one and am probably not getting the 2nd Sonic Riders game.

Avatar image for ftjx

it's funny how the Wii keeps the Ps2 going strong and vice-versa

Avatar image for Erinaceus1991

Didn't Simon say they would be giving console Sonic a rest for a while. I guess he only meant it in regards to 3D platform games. Spin-offs seem to be fair game. As for the idiots who say "this will suck", read the review of the first game. All they really need to do is add more levels and ditch the air system, and they may have something. And for those same idiots who think the camera will suck: It's a racing game, you dorks! Even Sonic Team could design a functional camera for such simple source material. On another note...I really gotta pay more attention to the Sonic fan sites. They caught wind of this game nearly two weeks before it was official.

Avatar image for N-Flames

who care about da PS2 bring to the 360!!!!!

Avatar image for liljio14

needs online

Avatar image for deactivated-57fce817a4cf5

No developer is stupid enough to abandon the PS2. It has such a huge user base that it will be silly to stop making games for it. I think we will be seeing games coming out for the PS2 for a good while yet.

Avatar image for Dark_sageX

I hope theres LOTS of content this time around.

Avatar image for nintendorocks

Why are they still making PS2 games?! Why not just make it for the Wii and PS3? It makes no sense if Sony wants people to buy a PS3.

Avatar image for Pete5506

Didnt play the 1st don't think I will play the 2nd

Avatar image for HardBUCKSHOT

To me, sonic riders is hard. this ones going to be fun.

Avatar image for Jerrymiru

The idea seemed like a no brainer on paper, but sucked poorly in game. Why make a new one? I haven't seen a decent Sonic game since Sonic Rush.

Avatar image for adventureseeker


Avatar image for Hir0_N

Floptastic :) P.S. I only own a Wii but this game will be trash and everyone knows it lol...

Avatar image for wiifan001

Sonic Riders 1 sucked. And it gave me motion sickness a couple times being frustrated with the controls and not knowing where you were going 1/2 the time.

Avatar image for JustWiicredible

The last sonic game i enjoyed was Sonic rivals. It seems that Sonic team just can't get the camera control right on the blue spikey one. Sonic on the 360 was virtually unplayable because of bad camera control.

Avatar image for Nintendo_Man

The problem for that game is that it might end up coming out the same time as Mario Kart Wii.

Avatar image for DungeonLeader

hhhmmm idk this might be cool but it might suck

Avatar image for XAF1

Sega has to be kidding. The last Sonic game that I truly liked was Sonic Adventure and it had issues. The major problem has always been that Sega has never been able to really bring Sonc to 3D and keep him fun to play. Every 3D Sonic game is plagued by the same Camera problems that the Dreamcast one had---and I loved that game. The rail concept sucks as well. I hate the concept of playing a game where all you do is die because the play mechanics/camera stink. I knew what the 360's Sonic would be like after playing the Demo before it arrived--STINKER. I bought Sonic Heroes on the Xbox played it enough times to die too much and put the game away. These Sonic games just aren't fun SEGA either fix the issues or quit destroying the little guy's name for God sake. How hard is it to make a GOOD Sonic game that gamers can enjoy?

Avatar image for lamprey263

I think SEGA loves Sonic since they don't have to market Sonic, so they don't even bother making good games. Booo that idea. They need to fire whoever oversees development. Put someone with vision in authority. They should get the old Smilebit staff to pump out another Panzer Dragoon game.

Avatar image for Dark_Mits

I'm pleased to see that the majority is positive about it (/sarcasm) How do you now the game will suck just from reading the title? How about you act like until reviews are out before you say whether it's good or not? Even if the title eventually fails, whatever crap you'll all be spewing from your mouths till it hits the shelves are equivalent to 1337 sayings of 12-year-olds.

Avatar image for chocolate1325

Why are they making a second Sonic Riders game the first one was boring.

Avatar image for needgameinfo

Oh god, listen I've played Sonic since the first game but seriously! This'll be the worst Sonic game since Sonic the Hedgehog(360) and Shadow the Hedgehog....ugh. Hopefully it won't be THAT bad.

Avatar image for Raiko101

Will they bother improving the gameplay too? The original had potential, but narrowly missed the target.

Avatar image for GundamRX79Live

man im a HUGE sonic fan and im dissapointed that this franchise is going down the toilet the 360 version of Sonic the H. was total crap sigh come on make a great sonic agian

Avatar image for Jin_sonic0606

i cant wait!:D

Avatar image for Kurtisadei

I cant wait for some idiot to buy this game and feel they did the right thing.

Avatar image for Jebril

WHAT!? In an interview with a Sega spokesperson they said they UNDERSTOOD that the quality of Sonic games has been deteriorating now their gonna go ahead and make another crap Sonic game? I want them to give it another shot for the 360/PS3 they just need to tighten up controls once they do that they will have at least a mediocre 3D platformer.

Avatar image for Mysticgamer2000

They've got to be kidding. Did anyone even buy the first Sonic Snowboarding at all?

Avatar image for Lee2000


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