Sonic Onboard Dreamcast

Dreamcast picks up speed as Sega of Japan announces Sonic bash.


Sega of Japan has announced another Dreamcast title. The game is Sonic Adventure. Although little detail is known about the gameplay, this game will be the first title from Sega's acclaimed group of developers, Sonic Team. Interestingly enough, this Sonic appeared with green eyes in this artwork.

Sonic Adventure will be one of the Dreamcast's launch titles. To give the game a public send-off, Sega is planning a large-scale public event. A public show will be held at Tokyo Kokusai Forum on August 22. This is, not coincidentally, the same venue where Warp held its massive and wildly popular D2 show two months ago.

Sega's Yuji Naka, producer of Sonic Adventure, will make a public appearance at a Famitsu-sponsored event called Game Circus, to be held July 25-26 in Akihabara, Tokyo. We may have a chance to hear more about the game at that time.

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