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Sonic Movie's Redesigned Hedgehog Revealed In New Trailer

New trailer, new Sonic the Hedgehog.


The new trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog move is here. This isn't technically the first trailer--that appeared back in April--but it does give us the first look at the redesigned Sonic. That initial promo was met with much criticism for the way Sonic looked, so the filmmakers took the unusual step of delaying the film to give its Hedgehog star a complete makeover. You can check it out in both the trailer and new poster below.

It's quite clear from the very start that the redesign has essentially made Sonic look way more like the familiar video game character, and less "realistic." While the initial design made Sonic seem more human, presumably to fit in better with the movie's real actors, this one has a pure comic book look, with much bigger eyes and mouth, and cartoonish limbs. As for the movie itself, it still looks like huge fun, and there's lots of footage that wasn't in the first trailer. Watch it here and then check out our side-by-side Sonic redesign comparison.

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Now Playing: Sonic The Hedgehog - Official New Trailer

Sonic the Hedgehog hits theaters on February 14, 2020, having been pushed back from this November. Sonic is voiced by Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation), with Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik (who's prominently featured in the poster below alongside Sonic). Westworld's James Marsden will feature as a state trooper who catches onto Sonic's super speed.

Director Jeff Fowler was very quick to address the criticism of Sonic's appearance after the first trailer. Within a day, he had tweeted that the character would be redesigned, with the date change announced soon after to allow for the extensive extra VFX work. Ahead of the reveal of the redesign, he tweeted in excitement about being able to show the world the hedgehog's new look.

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