Sonic Movie Sequel: Ben Schwartz Says He Doesn't Know Anything About It Yet

The Sonic voice actor says he hasn't heard about a sequel yet, but he hopes it happens.


A sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog is reportedly in the works, but Sonic voice actor Ben Schwartz hasn't heard anything about it yet. The actor told Collider that Paramount has yet to officially announce a sequel, but it's something he's excited about if it does go forward.

"I literally have heard that we just haven't gotten green-lit yet," he said. "All I know is they said, 'The second we get green-lit, we'll tell you.' And I have not heard anything yet. And my hope is that we get the opportunity because it did so well, and especially domestically it did so well. So I hope that we get to do it because there's so much more stuff we can do in that world."

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Schwartz added that he hopes director Jeff Fowler is able to come back for the sequel, too. "He would just do such a great job," he said.

According to Variety, Paramount is moving forward with a Sonic sequel, with Fowler and writers Pat Casey and Josh Miller to return. It's yet to be officially announced, however.

Also in the Collider interview, Schwartz spoke about how great it would be if Jim Carrey gets nominated for an Oscar for his performance as Robotnik. "Wouldn't that be absolutely amazing if Jim Carrey got nominated for Dr. Robotnik for the Oscars? That would make me so happy," Schwartz said.

This came up because Sonic was one of the last major movies to be released in theatres before the COVID-19 pandemic led to theatres shutting down. However, the Oscars have since confirmed that movies that skipped theatres in favor of a digital release can be considered for Oscars, too.

The Sonic movie ended with a post-credits stinger teasing the arrival of another beloved character from the video game franchise: Tails, who, we can hope, will be appearing in the sequel as well.

Sonic The Hedgehog is currently available to watch at home, after getting an expedited digital home release during the nationwide theater shutdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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