Sonic Frontiers Update Sights, Sounds, and Speed Adds Photo Mode and Jukebox

This is the first wave of DLC for the Sonic Frontiers.


Sega revealed that Sonic Frontiers's first DLC update, called Sights, Sounds, and Speed will arrive on March 22 for all platforms. It is the first of three content updates planned for this year.

The update includes new challenge modes--titled Cyber Space Challenge and Battle Rush--that unlock after completing the game's main campaign. These are available to access through the game's title screen. Cyber Space Challenge is a time-attack mode where players must complete multiple Cyber Space Challenges in a row. Battle Rush is another timed mode where players battle against multiple enemies, Guardians, and Titans simultaneously.

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There will also be a photo mode where players can pause the game and take pictures all across the Starfall Islands. Additionally, the new Jukebox feature allows players to select from 53 songs to listen to while in the game. 13 of them will be available immediately while the other 40 can be unlocked by collecting Sound Memories on each of the islands.

In GameSpot's Sonic Frontiers review, we said, "Sonic Adventure set the template for the last 24 years of 3D Sonic games, and I'm hopeful Frontiers will do the same for the next generation. It has its flaws, and there's definite room for improvement, but the spiky mascot is finally moving in the right direction."

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