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Sonic Forces Adds A Free "Sanic" Meme T-Shirt

"Get ready to go fst."


Sega is leaning into a Sonic meme for a new piece of Sonic Forces DLC. Now available in the game as a free download is a "Sanic" t-shirt. For those just catching up, "Sanic" is the name of the meme popularised by a purposefully poorly drawn render of Sonic in MS Paint. In its tweet announcing the Sanic DLC, Sega confirmed that yes, indeed, this is a real piece of DLC that you can actually get right now.

"Get ready to go fst," Sega wrote, continuing the joke. You can customise your Sonic Forces character with the shirt, if that sounds like a good idea to you.

In Sonic Forces, you are part of a freedom fighters consisting of Sonic, a younger version of himself, most of the familiar supporting case, and an all-new character that you create and customise. It's this character that you can equip with the Sanic t-shirt.

GameSpot's Sonic Forces review scored the game a 5/10. Reviewer Matt Espineli said the game "fails to advance the mechanics of previously successful 3D Sonic games, or present them in their best light." He added that Sonic Forces is a "mediocre platformer at best." You can read GameSpot's full Sonic Forces review here or check out this review roundup to see what other critics are saying.

Sonic Forces is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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