Sonic coming to the US this summer

Sega of America announces that both Sonic Adventure DX for the GameCube and Sonic Pinball Party for the GBA will be released this summer.


Sega of America has today confirmed that Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Pinball Party, which were 2908413announced by Sega of Japan earlier this month, will be released in North America this summer.

Sonic Adventure DX is an enhanced version of the original Sonic Adventure that was released for the Dreamcast in 1999. The game will feature enhanced graphics and sound, as well as Game Boy Advance connectivity.

Sonic Pinball Party is a collection of Sonic the Hedgehog-, Samba de Amigo-, and Nights-themed pinball tables and minigames. The game will support four players with one cartridge and a link cable, and it will also have features that can be accessed only when the game is linked with Sonic Adventure DX.

"Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog is back just in time for summer in two new action-packed games for the Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance," said Mike Fischer, vice president, Sega of America. "To date, Sonic has proved to be phenomenally popular on the Nintendo GameCube and we're excited that Sonic is resonating with a whole new generation of gamers."

Sonic Adventure DX is scheduled for release in May, while Sonic Pinball Party will follow in June. We'll bring you more information on the games as it becomes available.

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