Sonic boomin' on the PSP?

[UPDATE] GameStop lists a product page for Sonic on the PlayStation Portable; Sega of America denies game is in development.


Last May, Sega announced that it would bring its flagship Sonic franchise to Nintendo's DS handheld. In the same announcement, Sega announced two games for the PlayStation Portable--neither of which star the blue gaming icon.

Peeved PSP players looking for their Sonic fix may have gotten a bit of good news today. On GameStop's Web site, the company lists a product page for Sonic on the PSP from publisher and developer Sega of America.

To say details on the game are scarce would be an understatement. Though GameStop lists the game as being released on November 1 and selling for $39.99, there is no artwork or game information other than the game's genre, which is of the all-encompassing action-adventure-racing type.

PSP owners shouldn't start lining up for the game just yet. When asked for comment, American reps for the Japanese publisher said, "Sega has not announced a Sonic title for the PSP and therefore cannot confirm that one exists. Sega plans to support its iconic brand with a complimentary lineup of new Sonic products which will be introduced at E3."

Looks like a new portable Sonic game will only be rolling Nintendo's way, for now.

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