Sonic Boom, God of War Dev Hiring For "Immersive" Next-Gen Games

Recently discovered job listings at Sanzaru Games offer hints at what the studio may be working on next.


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Independent American developer Sanzaru Games, which recently released Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal for Nintendo 3DS and before that made the God of War Collection for PlayStation Vita, appears to be shifting its sights to console and PC games in the future.

A level artist job listing at the Foster City, California developer spotted by DualShockers references a "next-generation" project for consoles and PC that appears to have major ambitions.

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"Only developers who want to craft immersive experiences and breathtaking worlds need apply," reads a line from the job ad, posted February 6 on the Gamasutra job boards. Platforms Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC are associated with the posting.

Another job ad, this one for a game engineer and posted on January 30, also mentions "next-generation console and PC games." Interestingly, it also states that the person who gets the job will be responsible for "constructing gameplay systems from the ground up."

A third recently posted Sanzaru job ad, for a character artist, does not mention "next-generation" anywhere, but does state that the position is for console and handheld development. This position is either full-time or contract; it has not yet been decided.

What's this all mean? It's hard to know for sure. That Sanzaru would be hiring for a next-generation project is not at all surprising, but a possible shift toward console and PC development is more interesting, given that the studio's most recent games were released only for handheld devices.

Sanzaru, named after the three wise monkeys, opened in 2007 and is a registered PlayStation, Microsoft, and Nintendo developer. The studio has a Mobile division called Tomozaru.

What would you like to see Sanzaru make next? Let us know in the comments below!

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Avatar image for hyksiu

God of war dev? Lol these guys didn't develop anything but a port...

Avatar image for Zepthire

God of War developer is giving them a bit too much credit considering they just ported a port to the Vita.

Avatar image for am_h8ter_ade

I would be more news worthy if they posted an ad that said "Only developers who want to craft un-immersive experiences and dull and boring worlds need apply,"

Avatar image for hystavito

<< LINK REMOVED >> I was going to make a similar joke like ... Oh I guess I won't apply then since.... etc :)

Avatar image for Too-DementeD

I wonder how Big Red Button are doing now, after the Wii U version of Sonic Boom.
If the game is anything to go by, I hope they find new jobs soon.

Avatar image for AsKo25

The Sly Cooper game they made is pretty good.

Avatar image for Zepthire

<< LINK REMOVED >> Yeah, Sly 4 was fun. Given the sequel hook that game ends on, I hope Sly 5 might be what they are working on next.

Edit: Unlikely since it says PC and consoles and Sly will always be a Sony franchise, still, one day!

Avatar image for JDWolfie

I like how Eddie puts in bold "from the ground up."

Avatar image for Dark_Wr4ith

>.> *Current Gen

They are welcome to bring stuff to PC as they leave Sonic behind.

Avatar image for Too-DementeD

<< LINK REMOVED >> The PS4 and Xbox One are still referred to as Next Gen, as we're still in the transition period between the two generations. When the PS3 and the 360 aren't still major players, then they'll end up referring to PS4/Xbox One as current gen. We know what they mean in any case.

Avatar image for Dark_Wr4ith

That is the problem with all these flash words. They have no clear cut definition. The time of the "switch over" is pretty vague if it is "the time when the PS3 and 360 are no longer major players". Because whether they are still major player is left open to personal interpretation and debate. Not to mention it is dependent on a person's view on what constitutes as major and minor.

In my opinion if a new console has past it's official release date, then that generation of console is current gen and the previous model is old generation.

Until someone can come up with a clear cut concise definition for when the consoles switch over, then personally I'm sticking to my definition.

Avatar image for Too-DementeD

<< LINK REMOVED >> When I say they're "Major Players", I mean the PS3 and Xbox 360 are still selling relatively well, games are still being made for them, and people are still using them instead of the new consoles. Obviously, since the PS3 and Xbox 360 have been out for such a long time, the player base is much larger than that of the PS4 and Xbox One.

I get what you're saying, and I kind of agree with you, but I understand where they're coming from too when they're still calling consoles that have been out for over a year "next-gen". Personally, I would call the PS4 and Xbox One current gen like you, but until there are more users on the PS4 than the PS3, and more users on the Xbox One than the 360, we're still gonna be seeing them refer to it as next-gen.

Not sure about PS3/PS4, but according to the charts from Microsoft lately, the 360 is in decline.
I don't think it's gonna be that long until we start to finally see the PS4/One being called Current Gen by studios like this.

Avatar image for Dark_Wr4ith

<< LINK REMOVED >> Yeah I see your point. I guess because it's the norm it's futile trying to fight convention. Don't mind me though I remember going through this same dilemma during the last switch over.

Avatar image for Too-DementeD

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Same here.

Avatar image for shreckstoff

no thanks

Avatar image for linthes999

This is cool and all. But, when are they going to drop the buzz-term "Next-Gen"? What will be the following generation? "New Next Gen"? Props to Nintendo for that one.

Avatar image for shreckstoff

<< LINK REMOVED >> think you mean apple...

Avatar image for iandizion713

nice, seems like they going to work on bringing GoW HD for PS4. Get that Next Gen goin. Maybe even a high-risk Indie GoW? Would be sweet dog.

Avatar image for PETERAKO

I have lost all faith in the dev just in the mention of sonic poop

Avatar image for MegaPyroFlame

<< LINK REMOVED >> Bear in mind, this is Shattered Crystal's developer, not Rise of Lyric. From what I heard, Shattered Crystal is a better game, held back by design choices meant to artificially lengthen the experience.