Sonic: An Explanation. Your Thoughts?

We have removed the Sonic Adventure screens from our site. An explanation is inside as well as a call for your comments.


If you've been looking on GameSpot News for the Sonic Adventure screens, you won't find them. But not because we don't think they're real. We were asked by Sega of America to remove the screenshots, and we are complying with that request. We all want to see Sonic Adventure in its best light, which will take place on Saturday.

For those of you who haven't seen them, please don't write us asking us to send you copies. We have taken them down for a reason, and we won't be sending copies by e-mail.

Aside from that, though, we want to know what you think of these supposedly real screenshots of Sonic Adventure. If you saw the screens we posted yesterday, did they look as good as you thought they would? Are you excited about the game? Do you want to see them in motion? What are your general impressions based on what you saw?

Remember that the screens that were on our site were supposedly early screens (keep in mind that Sega has not confirmed that these were in fact real), and that Saturday we may see something much more impressive. But we'd like to hear your first impressions.

Send your comments my way by linking on the byline below.

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