Sonic Adventure in Stereo

Sega releases the official theme song from Sonic Adventure.


We're less than a week away from the first sight of Sonic Adventure (which takes place in Japan on August 22). To tantalize those of us who have been following every piece of Sonic Adventure news that comes down the pike (this reporter included), Sonic Team released a sound file today of the main theme song of Sonic Adventure.

The first thing noticeable on this track is that it seems very dark - a far grittier side to the little blue hedgehog we've seen before. The vocals are in English, but you'll probably have to strain your ears to make out exactly what's being said. It begins with what is obviously a dark cloud hovering above and the sound of thunder. After that, it's heavy-metal madness.

Sega's web page shows Yuji Naka rocking out with a Sonic Adventure guitar that just happens to have Sonic's grinning mug as well as his red/white striped shoe.

To hear the sound clip, make sure you've got the appropriate player, and click the link to the right that corresponds to what you can play.

We'll have much more about Sonic Adventure as the week continues, ending with the unveiling on Saturday. Keep in mind before downloading these files that each is somewhere around 3MB.

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