Something Called Metal Gear Solid 5: Definitive Ex Was Just Listed on Amazon [UPDATE]

We don't know yet if it's a game or not.


Update: The listing has now been taken offline, perhaps because it went live earlier than intended or because it was a mistake in the first place. We'll report back when we have further information.

Original Story: A new Amazon listing has gone live for something related to the Metal Gear series, though it's unclear at this point what it is.

Most of the listing (discovered by Reddit) is full of placeholder information, including a release date of December 31, 2016. Possibly the only bit of worthwhile info is the name, and even that--Metal Gear Solid: V Definitive Ex--is frustratingly vague.

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The natural assumption is this is a definitive edition of The Phantom Pain game that includes Ground Zeroes and perhaps TPP's cosmetic multiplayer DLC. But the name being Definitive Ex, as opposed to Definitive Ed, calls into question if that's what this is. We don't even know for sure that this is a game.

This is listed in the video game section of Amazon, but there's no image of what it is. Its media type is listed as a CD-ROM, though that, too, is in all likelihood a placeholder.

We've followed up with Konami to see if it will comment on what this listing is for and will report back with anything we learn.

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