Something Big Is Coming To Apex Legends' Storm Point Map

A new potential Apex Legends Season 13 teaser seems to be suggesting that a large lifeform is on its way to Respawn's battle royale game.


It looks like something real big is coming to Apex Legends. Specifically, Storm Point looks like it's about to be hit by a large object or lifeform--perhaps something tied to the Storm Point Season 13 map change teaser from last week.

Developer Respawn has tweeted a GIF of a computer monitor in Apex Legends. The computer showcases a satellite view of Storm Point, revealing that an unknown anomaly is heading toward the map.

Notably, the sensor is also picking up the two massive leviathans that are chilling just off Storm Point's coastline. So we can clearly see that the unknown anomaly is somehow bigger than the two towering beasts, teasing that something truly gigantic is moving towards Storm Point.

Given the anomaly is depicted as a pulsing red dot like the leviathans, it's likely that whatever is approaching is alive. If Apex Legends' universe is anything like ours, then sea life has the potential to be quite large.

So along with the supposed flood coming to Storm Point--theorized based on a giant Apex Legends leak--maybe a sea creature is about to absolutely wreck the northwestern shore of the map? Or, if Respawn sticks to Storm Point's theme of being the map that features PvE via aggressive wildlife, perhaps the map is about to get a brand-new kind of environmental danger? That would be really cool!

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