Someone's Remaking Silent Hills' P.T. Demo On PC

It's just as terrifying as you remember.


Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro's Silent Hills caught the internet by storm with its PS4-exclusive P.T. demo. Unfortunately, Silent Hills was ultimately scrapped and P.T. was removed from the PlayStation Store. If you didn't have the demo on your PS4 at the time, you were out of luck and lost your chance to play. Until now.

Reddit user Qimsar posted their v0.9 build of a PC remake in the Silent Hills subreddit. It's pretty accurate to the original demo. Qimsar wrote that they're using "almost 100% of the original assets" to capture the same creepy aesthetic of the original P.T. Gameplay of their build reveals the same repeating hallway, unsettling sound effects, and surprising jump scares. Even that baby is back.

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"The game is fully 100% playable," Qimsar wrote, before reminding readers that this PC version of P.T. is still in early stages. Some of the edges are a little rough and the game hasn't been fully playtested. Qimsar is inviting feedback from the community, as well as asking for assistance from any animators who want to help improve the movements of items and characters.

The response to Qimsar's work has been mostly positive. Most comments are a variation of "This is awesome, and I hope Konami doesn't sue you." Hopefully legal action isn't taken so Qimsar is able to continue perfecting P.T. for PC. As of now, Qimsar's game is the only way to play the P.T. demo, unless you're one of those players who's kept it on your PS4 this entire time. It would be a shame to lose one of history's scariest gaming moments a second time.

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