Someone Owns More Than Half of Steam's Entire Library, Just Hit Steam Level 1000

Think about how long it'd take to download all of those games.


If you go to your Steam profile, you can see your Steam level. It's based on the number of games you own, the badges you craft, and the events you participate in. The guy at the top of the list, who goes by PalmDesert on Steam, has just crossed level 1000.

To put that in perspective, I own a decent number of Steam games--a bit over 100--and I'm only at level 8. To get that high of a level, the 35-year-old man from Japan owns over 5000 games. The entire Steam library is at 9514 at the time of this writing. That means that PalmDesert owns about half of the platform's library. Of course, according to his account, people are gifting him hundreds of games--it seems that it's become a sort of project to see how high people can push his level.

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According to SteamDB, it seems that he's a Steam Sale fiend, too, purchasing the vast majority of his games for prices between $1-10.

However, buying games isn't enough. PalmDesert also participates often in events on the platform and is extremely active with buying and selling trading cards and badges. He's made over 500,000 Steam market transactions, meaning he's bought and sold a lot of Steam trading cards and badges.

The next highest user is hot on his tail, though: user StrikeR's at level 993 to PalmDesert's 1049.

What's your Steam level and how does it match up to PalmDesert's? Let us know in the comments below.

(Originally found by Kotaku)

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