Someone Made A Functional Rubik's Cube In Halo 5

Even more impressive Halo fan creations have come to light.


There has been no shortage of impressive creations that fans have made using Halo 5's Forge tools. We've already seen Halo spins on Star Wars podracing and Quidditch. Now, in the latest Halo weekly blog post, Microsoft showed off three more, including a functional Rubik's Cube.

Created by Bradguy, the functional Rubik's Cube works by shooting at the block to rotate it in a particular direction. It automatically records how many turns it takes for you to solve the cube, so you can compete with friends. You can also scramble the cube for a new challenge every time.

Bradguy wrote in the video's description that this creation required "lots of scripting." And if solving the Rubik's Cube your self isn't enough of a challenge, you can jump into the custom game type with a full group of people, all trying to solve it at the same time. Good luck.

Also in the weekly Halo blog post, Microsoft called out two other mightily impressive fan creations, the first of which brings the popular arcade game Skeeball to Halo. The second is Halo chess and checkers.

You can read the full Halo weekly blog post here.

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