Someone Is Trying to Play and Finish Every Steam Game

And I'm sitting here, still working my way through Fallout 4.


A Norwegian man's goal since 2012 has been to finish every single Steam game available. It seems like an impossible task, one that even he knows he'll never complete. Regardless, that isn't stopping him from working towards that insurmountable goal.

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The man goes by Multitasker on Reddit, which is where he updates the project he's dubbed "Finish all Steam games." He recently posted the eighth progress report. He displays his progress on a picture of his Steam library that also includes his personal favourites, underrated games, and games that he wishes were on Steam. You can see that picture above.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Multitasker reveals he isn't someone with unlimited free time and no responsibilities. He's actually a married man with a job and a two year old son. And he's expecting another child, too.

Multitasker limits himself to playing three games at a time, installing a new one once he's beaten the last. To him, beating a game is seeing the credits roll. Multiplayer games, which can't be finished in the same way, have been postponed until after he's completed all of Steam's single-player experiences.

To prove he's actually finishing the games, Multitasker records his progress on a YouTube channel.

He might have bought some of his games from the latest Steam Winter Sale, which despite breaking tradition by not offering daily and flash deals, was a huge hit.

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How is that news worthy if somebody says he's going to do something we all know is impossible to do?

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That's never gonna happen. There's like almost 6000 games and 8 new games added a day. Unless he can clear at least 8 a day his list of games is only going to get longer.

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I have over 100 games in my steam library and about 450 bucks spent on my steam account. It's much easier to build a library of games on PC than it is on consoles so playing through your full library is usually unattainable . For the average costs of console games (20-60 bucks) I could easily have 3-10 games depending on what sales are happening. Which is why so many people on PC have a ridiculous backlog. It's just really hard to turn down a humble bundle with 3-5 AAA titles for 8 bucks. The beauty of the platform is competition. There are around 15 different places to buy games on PC, all of them have rotating sales. Xbox and PS have very limited competition since they are a closed platform, which is very consumer unfriendly. Humble bundle alone will net you around 100 bucks worth of games for around 10 dollars every month. Heck they have a sub now and you get to keep the games after unsubbing unlike console game subs.

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@razeandjadith Depends, my way of collecting library games for consoles is rather easy than difficult. Nowadays alot games on Craiglist are selling bunch games for wholesale like 25 games for 10 bucks and all physical copies too. Think steam can beat this too ? Whats even more awesome is that sometimes some collectors or limited edition games are also in the wholesale sale which is very nice too for any collectors fans like me.

Its incredibly amazing on how people are so incredibly lazy to go outside and search for cheap games (yes sometimes games can be expensive too but there is cheaps one too), Instead they just sit at home and buy digital using steam and brag on steam games on how cheap games are without even "searching" elsewhere....ugh...

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My goal in life is to open my own business, have a successful, happy family and to visit most of the US national wonders.

This guy's goal in life is to play every video game in Steam.

Sounds like we both are well on our way. Mom just better have enough Mountain Dew & Hot Pockets for this fellow.

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@DawgByte2: Did you even read about how he's married with children and has a career?

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Guess we all have different goals in life to achieve.

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How can one accomplish this when new games (& early access titles) come out every day? Unless he has set a limit e.g. complete all games that have been released up to December 31st 2014.

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Just because I am an evil bastard. I am going to make a game in which the final boss cant be defeated.

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If he finishes Ducati Championship or Mercenary Kings, I'll give him an award for such masochism.

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Impossible task. I admire the dedication but its an impossible task with a family & a baby on the way.

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I love Steam, what they have brought to digital distribution (regardless of invasive DRM), and everything they are trying to do in the gaming industry, but even I have to admit there are a ton of boring stinkers that are just garbage-ware on Steam, I would estimate it at well over 70% is novel, rpg maker, free asian MMO, and miscellaneous games that hurt the senses upon loading. There are some amazing games, especially indies but they are islands in the sea. I could not imagine trying to play the entire Steam library, especially after hitting a few bad ones. I would try something challenging but more enjoyable like, playing the top ten games in all categories. OR spanking it to the top 100 adult anime novel games on there.

I wish I had this man's time, I barely can finish one game a month. Though Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale deserved two months as I greatly enjoyed ripping off this little girls prized possessions for less then 40% of what its worth. wah ha ha ha . MY best buddy tells me it is a Jew simulator- he being a Jewish makes it even that much funnier.

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Dark souls. Your gonna be playing that for 6 months dude. That game is tough as nails!

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Man I love gaming.. but this is just depressing... go and climb a mountain or something man!

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@Drainyou_98: Why would trying to do something stupid and life threatening be a good idea as opposed to this?

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@JagoHunt: becuase climbing a mountain is awsome, and you dont need to die when you do it,

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Hes going to pay top dollar for a ton of garbage.

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@Karjah: Top dollar on steam? sounds like your blowing some steam.

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This is what happens when a pc gamer finally has games.

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Utter stupidity if you ask me!!

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he'd need several lifetimes to complete it

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I admire his persistence, which, however, might very well be his demise... This is futile really.

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he either will give up or die trying...

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stupid story

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My question is.....


But hey i love gaming. But my god , theres some crap games hes going to have to play to. Hundreds of them.

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Too many games get added to Steam every day for even Gamespot's entire team to accomplish this as a group effort.

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I am sure with enough determination you can achieve great things, but this is just kinda insane. I wish him well, but i just cant see how this would be possible.

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He's gonna need more than willpower to complete that task since he actually has a life. I played around 6 hours during workdays and all day during weekends in 2014 and was fell a little short of 100 games finished by the end of the year. Its like the old saying goes though "if you aim for nothing you're sure to hit but if you reach for the stars you'll at least touch the sky".

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Wow - I'm trying to do just that and play every game that I wanted to play since 1981. Don't believe me, check out my profile and you'll see a bucket load of very old games being reviewed.

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He can't possibly achieve it, and he's going to waste his life trying.


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A person on my Steam list has 2800+ games.

So, not really impressive. I wish I was unemployed and made enough to buy every game out.

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" Multitasker limits himself to playing three games at a time"

wow he plays three games at once? mind blown. how many hands does he have

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Can we stop pretending this social media stuff is actual news? It's not.

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@basiliscus: But the upvotes! Upvotes = Newsiness!

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Good luck with them indies xDDDD

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More power to him.

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What a loser! There are like 20 games coming out every day. It is impossible to do this task.

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@nurnberg: I bet he has diaper rash... Big time.

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Finishing all 1400 games is impossible, since there is only 365 days in a year. even if you could finish a game in 1 day that is only 356 games, but if the goal is to finish all games that are available on Steam. More games will be added to Steam thus making the goal unreachable.

But as long as he is enjoying the unfinishable task, Then all is well. He will die a happy gamer. But never complete the goal of beating every game on Steam. Plus there are games like Tetris that are unfinishable. So if he manages to finish 20% of the total Steam library than he will be doing better than average.

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@Megavideogamer: he doesnt even have all day either. He has like 6 hours a day. What about games like fallout 1 and 2 and bulders gate the witcher , titans quest. Hell have to beat all the games like companies of heroes. Age of empires and expansions. Surpreme commander. Dawn of war and expansions. These are not short games. All the total war games lol.

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I think he might be obsessed...

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sure he's finished with his life

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I have more than enough trouble trying to beat MY Steam games...

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Great marketing stuff. I am going to open a channel and finish all STEAM game twice! When I get like 200,000 subscribers I'll stop and I have enough time to make excuses. Doesn't matter, 200,000 SUBS = $$$.


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This guy. Dumb enough to have 1400 games on Steam, not smart enough to simply add the games he wishes were on Steam into his library. Literally all of those games are on PC, just not on Steam. Except MGS3, and the Chrono games.

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I bet this dude smells awesome!

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This guy sounds like he would be the worlds best game tester. Someone give this man a job so he can at least make money off his addiction..

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He cant do it. New releases on STEAM outpace his ability to finish them.

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a futile effort - but fully commend him!

but not unlocking all of the achievements is cheating, isn't it? ;)

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Steam get new games every day so I don't think he'll ever make it. Also I wonder how much money and time he's spent on this. He should rather spend it on his wife and kids...