Someone Finally Hit Every Name In Super Smash Bros. Melee's Credits

There are 190 total shots needed to do this, and it took 20 years to accomplish.


One of the hardest challenges in gaming is going up against a professional Super Smash Bros. Melee player. What's even harder? How about hitting every single name in the credits after beating the single-player portion? It was so difficult that someone has only managed to do it after two decades.

YouTube user Martin "Pork"y Zarate posted the feat on their channel, hitting all 190 names in the mini-game with pinpoint accuracy. Getting half of the names is a challenge in its own right because of how fast they can go, but getting all of them seemed downright impossible. And for 20 years, it seemed to be.

The player's technique didn't make use of a traditional grip on the GameCube controller, instead using a pecking motion with the fire button to hit every name as quickly as possible. Could he beat the Nier Automata credits sequence, which works the shooting gameplay into a canonical part of its narrative? It would be just as impressive as this!

This strategy certainly doesn't guarantee a perfect score, however, as they weren't able to replicate the run when trying it again. Will it be matched by someone else? Only time will tell, but the winner told Polygon that it took 50 hours to do, and thanks to a community challenge, the prize for being the first to complete it is $3,000.

To be honest, being the first person to accomplish something in a video game after more than two decades probably warrants more than $3,000. In fact, he should probably get a handshake from Mario. Mario isn't real? Then explain who is walking around the new Super Nintendo World in Japan! Would Nintendo lie to us?

It's odd to think this was the first time someone has managed to do this when considering that everything can be played competitively. We see the Awesome Games Done Quick speedrunning events host bizarre games that usually aren't the focus of competitive play, and people used to even speedrun getting banned from the children's game Club Penguin for swearing. We can't wait to see what the next weird gaming world record is.

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