Someone Built Fallout 4's Fat Man Out of Legos, and It Really Shoots

Not nukes, though.


The latest video game weapon to be built out of Legos is the Fallout series' Fat Man, the portable nuclear bomb catapult that inexplicably fits in your back pocket.

This is the creation of YouTube channel ZaziNombies. As seen in the video above, the Lego Fat Man was built using more than 2,500 bricks and is capable of shooting its equivalent of a mini nuke (a Lego zeppelin). It weighs over 10 pounds and measures in at more than four feet long.

We've seen a number of other video game weapons also designed by ZaziNombies, all of them impressive. That includes Team Fortress 2's Tomislav, a Call of Duty flamethrower, and Destiny's Gjallarhorn and Telesto (my personal favorite).

These are often built at the behest of viewers. If there's something you'd like to see made, you can suggest it in the comments of the video on YouTube.

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