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Some Xbox Series X Users Report Spontaneous Shutdowns

It's hard to know how widespread, but some Xbox Series X owners have said that their console is shutting off in the middle of games.


The Xbox Series X has been out for just over 48 hours, but already some users are reporting technical issues. A help thread on the Microsoft community help forum reports that the new console is shutting down spontaneously shortly after starting a game.

According to the thread, the console is shutting down just a few seconds after starting a game. A full reinstall and a full reset of the console haven't helped, says the user. A few others have reported similar experiences in the comments, while others have offered potential troubleshooting tips.

At least one GameSpot staff member has experienced the issue as well, with crashes coming anytime between the moment a game is started to roughly 20 minutes into gameplay. Once the Xbox Series X shuts down this way, it needs to be started again using the hardware's power button, as it no longer starts up automatically when a paired controller powers on. It's also a cold start, showing the Xbox startup screen and rebooting any games fresh from the start.

It's hard to say how widespread the issue may be from a handful of reports. It's also unclear if the Xbox Series S, which released alongside Series X, is experiencing the same issue. GameSpot has contacted Microsoft for a response.

The Xbox Series X and Series S both launched on November 10, and their competitor, the PS5, launches today, November 12. If you're looking to obtain an Xbox Series X or Series S, check out post-launch availability. For more on Xbox Series X, check out GameSpot's slate of Xbox Series X/S hardware and game reviews.

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