Some Xbox One consoles experiencing hardware issues

GameSpot is monitoring the issue, but currently there are a very small number of reported issues.


When you let several hundred thousand pieces of hardware out into the wild simultaneously, some of those machines are going to broken or dead on arrival. And the launch of the Xbox One is no different.

The most prevalent problem that new Xbox One buyers are reporting with the console seem deal with a grinding noise when trying to play games from disc. While it's impossible to separate legitimate issues from trolls on forums and reviews for the console, some users have uploaded videos to YouTube that show the system not reading discs and instead making a loud grinding noise.

Simply due to the low number of videos showing up, the issue seems to be an isolated extreme case, but we'll update this story with more details as they emerge. The PlayStation 4, which released last week, also experienced scattered reports of systems not functioning. Sony's console instead displayed a flashing blue light, but the problems were isolated to less than 1% of overall consoles.

But what about you? Did you pick up an Xbox One at launch and run into any problems? Let us know in the comments below!

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