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Some Xbox Games Don't Support Series X/S Quick Resume Feature And They Don't Warn You

Microsoft is aware that some Xbox games don't support Quick Resume.


One of the newest features of both the Xbox Series S and Series X is Quick Resume. The feature allows players to switch between multiple games seamlessly by placing them into a suspended state, effectively reducing the waiting time to get back into the action. However, it seems the feature isn't universal, as a handful of games don't support Xbox Quick Resume.

In our testing, there are at least three games that apparently don't work with Xbox Quick Resume. This includes Borderlands 3, Destiny 2, and Yakuza: Like A Dragon. Borderlands 3, for example, simply reloads from the start screen after being suspended. This contradicts Quick Resume's function, which picks the game up immediately from where players left it last.

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There may be other games that don't support Quick Resume as well. According to True Achievements, Dirt 5, Forza Horizon 4, NBA 2K21, The Falconeer, and Watch Dogs: Legion all supposedly don't work with the feature. Loading games on Xbox Series S/Series X is still speedy, but swapping away from and back to any of these titles may result in lost progress. The problem is compounded by the fact that players aren't warned before switching away from the games in question, so players can't be sure that Xbox Quick Resume is supported.

Microsoft is aware of the Quick Resume issues, clarifying that the feature has been disabled in a handful of titles while the company works on resolving the problem at a platform level. There's no confirmation on when Quick Resume will be enabled in the aforementioned games.

In our Xbox Series X review, associate editor Michael Higham said, "The Series X is an extremely refined Xbox and a great piece of tech that sets a strong foundation for Microsoft to better serve its console users." Meanwhile, in our Xbox Series S review, Higham said the smaller next-gen console still packs a punch despite the obvious gap in graphical details.

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