Some Summit Strikes struck with bug

"Red X" error stalls play of the new stand-alone expansion on the Xbox; publisher says bug is easily avoidable and does not affect all users.


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike

In the war on terror, "X" does not mark the spot. Gamers that recently purchased a copy of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike hoping to liberate a virtual Kazakhstan from a power-hungry Pakistani warlord may have experienced a bit of a snag.

On the official Ghost Recon Web site, publisher Ubisoft posted a message regarding a "Red X" error in the game. "Some users have reported that when initially loading the game, before, during, or after the intro movie, the game freezes and a 'Red X' error message is displayed, which instructs the user to restart his/her Xbox. It is important to note that the error does not affect every user, and that the Red X screen itself is a generic error message, much like the dirty disk error messages that other games use."

One Ubisoft spokesman stated that the error does not make the game unplayable, and the posting on the site offers "several relatively easy ways to resolve the freeze."

Gamers experiencing the stall should make sure that the game disc is clean, unplug controllers from the Xbox during the game's intro screens, or continue to restart the Xbox until the intro video plays all the way through.

Ubisoft is still looking into the problem and will have more information soon. Gamers that continue to experience the problem should contact Ubisoft technical support.

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