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Some Of The Best Destiny 2 Exotic Missions Are Returning In Into The Light

You'll be able to earn Whisper of the Worm and Outbreak Perfected the old-fashioned way again when Into the Light launches.


During the final Destiny 2: Into the Light livestream, Bungie confirmed the return of two classic Exotic weapon missions. Whisper and Zero Hour will be added back into the game, giving players a chance to earn not only two excellent Exotic weapons but craftable versions of them as well.

The sniper rifle Whisper of the Worm was originally available through the Whisper quest, but after Io was vaulted, it was added to the inventory of the Monument of Lost Lights kiosk in the Tower. Outbreak Perfected is also purchasable from this location, as this Exotic pulse rifle was first earned in the Zero Hour mission. Whisper will be unlocked next week, and Zero Hour will be available in May.

Each of these missions became legendary over time, as they required certain unlock conditions, had devious traps, and some of the best showdowns in Destiny 2. For Whisper, players had to complete a time-limited Taken Blight public event on Io, which only appeared on the weekend. Entering the portal would transport Guardians into a hidden section on Io, where the whispers of a dead worm god would tempt players to venture further into the dangerous depths. Zero Hour took place during Season of the Drifter and saw Guardians return to the old Tower to rid it of the House of Devils, who were looking for SIVA technology in the Cryptarch vaults.

Bungie says that while the overall layout of these levels remains the same, they have been tweaked and rebalanced to still be challenging. Several enemy encounters have been updated, at least one secret chest in Whisper has been moved, and a different boss fight has been teased for that level. And yes, TR3-VR is still a nightmare fuel robot monster you'll encounter in Zero Hour. The normal versions of these missions will have a 40-minute timer, while anyone looking for a challenge can expect a 20-minute timer in Legend mode.

A preview of the craftable version of Whisper of the Worm and Outbreak Perfected.
A preview of the craftable version of Whisper of the Worm and Outbreak Perfected.

Perks for Outbreak Perfected include Outlaw, Rapid Hit, Rewind Rounds, and Headseeker, while other weapon traits aim to make it even deadlier when it spreads the SIVA virus to enemies. If you've already earned the catalyst for Whisper of the Worm and Outbreak Perfected, you can craft them at launch for these weapons. Otherwise, you'll need to earn them by completing the Legend versions of their respective missions.

Once Into the Light launches on April 9, players can also expect to see some other big additions to Destiny 2. Bungie is bringing back 12 fan-favorite weapons as part of the Brave Arsenal, players can unlock the Super Black shader in the Hall of Heroes, and there'll be a new horde mode to try out in the form of Onslaught. Ahead of The Final Shape in June, Bungie will also broadcast a preview next week of some of the gameplay from the expansion.

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