Some Hitman PS4 Preorders Canceled, But No Need to Worry

"We're adjusting a few things & will update in a few days."


If you preordered Hitman for PS4 on the PlayStation Store and recently learned that your order had been canceled, you might be worried that something is going wrong. However, there is no reason to panic, Square Enix says today, as this was the result of some behind-the-scenes changes that should be sorted out soon.

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After reports emerged this week of PS4 preorders for Hitman being canceled seemingly for no reason, Sony released a statement in its support forums (via Polygon). A representative explained that the "configuration of the product you preordered has changed significantly," resulting in the cancellation of the existing order.

"As a result we have withdrawn the current preorder from PlayStation Store and will cancel all existing preorders," reads a line from the scary-sounding message. "If you have preordered the game, you will receive email confirmation when your preorder has been cancelled. A revised preorder for Hitman will be available on the store soon."

But there is no reason to panic, Square Enix says. What's happening here is the publisher is "adjusting a few things" and everything should be back to normal soon.

Hitman's PS4 beta begins on February 12 while the PC beta arrives on February 19. The beta is not coming to Xbox One.

The full version of Hitman arrives across all platforms in March 2016. The game was originally slated to launch this year, but was later delayed so that developer IO Interactive could add more content.

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