Some Games Could Be Exclusive to New Xbox Scorpio System

"Some developers may choose to implement the very high-end 4K--and I really hope that they do."


Earlier today, Microsoft announced that all Xbox One games and accessories will be compatible with every Xbox One device, spanning Xbox One, Xbox One S, and the new Project Scorpio. However, it's now come to light that some games could be exclusive to Scorpio.

Speaking today during a YouTube Gaming livestream, general manager of game publishing, Shannon Loftis, said it's possible some developers will choose to make Scorpio-only games.

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"Some developers may choose to implement the very high-end 4K--and I really hope that they do," Loftis said. "But all the games being made right now will run on Scorpio. We're promising forward and backward compatibility. It's hardware innovation without compromising compatibility."

Pressed further on whether or not there might be Scorpio-only games, Loftis said, "I don't know about that. It's up to the game development community; what do they want to do."

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We asked Microsoft for a further comment on this, and were given a statement that matches up with what Xbox boss Phil Spencer said on stage this morning.

"All of your Xbox One games and accessories are compatible across all Xbox One family of products, including Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Project Scorpio," a Microsoft representative said.

We'll continue to look into this and will report back with more details as they're made available. The Project Scorpio system, which is also VR-ready, goes on sale in holiday 2017.

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