Some Driveclub Season Pass Owners Can Get VR Version for Cheaper

If you bought the season pass by September 28, you can get Driveclub VR for $20 instead of $40.


With first-party PlayStation VR launch title Driveclub VR coming out soon, Sony has now confirmed some key launch details about the racing game.

First, Driveclub VR will be available on disc and through the PlayStation Store for $40 when it launches on October 13. If you bought the $13 Driveclub season pass by September 28, you are eligible to get Driveclub VR for $20. This promotion aims to celebrate the community, Sony said in a PlayStation Blog post.

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The blog post also sheds some light on Driveclub VR's development. The "majority" of the work on the game was done by Evolution Studios, which Sony closed back in March. Sony's WWS Immersive Technology Group, which included some Evolution "veterans," finished the game

"So you can be assured that Driveclub VR is in safe hands," principal programmer Nicola Orru said.

The game features tracks from the non-VR edition, as well as five new "urban" locations. There is also a "cruise" mode where the game drives for you so you can take in the scenery.

Driveclub's non-VR version is available from the PlayStation Store right now for $7.50. This price is only good for PlayStation Plus subscribers, however.

A virtual reality version of Driveclub has been in the works for a long time, beginning its life as only a prototype and one that even made people sick.

PlayStation VR's release date has been confirmed as October 13. The headset, which requires a PlayStation 4 and a camera, will sell for $400. A $500 Launch Bundle will also be available; it comes with everything you need to get started (except for a PS4) and the PlayStation Worlds five-game collection.

All PlayStation VR headset packages in North America also come with a disc that includes demos for 18 different games, including Resident Evil 7's Kitchen teaser, Eve: Valkyrie, and Rez Infinite.

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So many misinformed opinions in this comment thread. This is not a VR version of the original Driveclub. This has over 100+ new tracks over 5 new areas playable in VR. The new tracks will also be added to your original version of Driveclub for free through a patch at a later date. Well worth the $40, IMO and definitely worth the $20 for those who already have the season pass.

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I wonder if your game saves carry over or do you have grind all that over again ?

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It's a bad game anyway. Sad to see people being ripped off though....

Avatar image for rasterror

$40 for a rehash, are you kidding me? This game is trying to rip people off more and more.

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I won't be diving into psvr until I see some real games and reviews.

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They're actually making owners of the game buy this again? WTF.

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So I'd be paying $40 to upgrade to the VR version? Same game with a few new tracks? What about cars? Do I have to have all of the DLC from the regular game in order to drive them in the VR version or do they come included? So confused. Is this the same game? If so, why do we have to purchase it separately? It's not a patch/update?

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can you remember when this game was meant to be free lol.

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yup thought some one would do this and it had to be sony platform. Don't support it.

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For some reason I thought this was going to be a free patch if you own the original game. Maybe it has new tracks? Lame if it's the same game you already own for another $40.

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@joshrmeyer: Yeah, I'm pretty sure I have came across that info as well. Free upgrade patch for owners of original game. Looks like someone had "great" idea - why free when we can get more monies.

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@joshrmeyer: "Five new locations".... sounds to me like 5 tracks more. Totally not worth.