Solving this Titanfall mystery could earn you an Xbox One

It seems that Microsoft has launched a mysterious marketing campaign similar to Halo's I Love Bees.

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It appears that Microsoft has launched a mysterious marketing campaign to promote Titanfall, and investigating it further might earn you an Xbox One bundle and other rewards if you live in the UK.

A Reddit user was the first to notice that Microsoft's "Invitation" television commercial was a little different than usual, with the ad stuttering and cutting away to pieces of binary code and an image of a briefcase.

The binary code then led users to several websites, including, where you can find the terms and conditions for the "Glitch Contest." They state that the contest started on Jan. 23, and that it will end Feb. 23. You must be over 18 and a resident in the UK to participate.

"The entrant must complete the pre-determined steps that form a path with a dedicated start and end point. These have been created by parties working with Microsoft," the site reads.

Prizes include an "Xbox console bundle," "14 Xbox items," digitally signed artwork, signed comics, game artwork, and codes for in-game extras.

Reddit users have found several links and images that indicate the promotion is linked to Titanfall. One address references Hammond Robotics, the fictional companies in Titanfall that produces its giant mechs, and Respawn also tweeted "No hints!" when fans asked it directly about the meaning of one of the images.

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