Soldier of Fortune PS2 Confirmed

Majesco unveils is plans for the PlayStation 2 version of Soldier of Fortune.


Soldier of Fortune: Gold Edition

Majesco has officially confirmed Soldier of Fortune for the Sony PlayStation 2. The company has secured the exclusive PS2 rights to the game from Activision, and the game is currently in development at Majesco's internal development studio, Pipe Dream Interactive. Details on PS2-specific features are scarce at this time, and at this early stage of development Pipe Dream Interactive is evaluating the PS2 console and its technical capabilities in deciding which features to include in the game. However, GameSpot has learned that one aspect that the company is seriously evaluating for inclusion in the PS2 version is the two-player and four-player deathmatch mode. A co-operative mode in a similar gameplay setting is also under consideration. Whether these modes make it into the final game will depend on the PlayStation 2 development process.

"We're thrilled to have obtained the rights to Soldier of Fortune, one of the premier action gaming franchises, for our first PS2 offering, " said David Elmekies, director of game development for Pipe Dream Interactive. "Our goal is to meld all of the terrific attributes of the PC version with the tools and features that console gamers are looking for, such as four-person multiplayer."

Soldier of Fortune for the PlayStation 2 will be released in Q4 2001. Pipe Dream Interactive is also developing Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force for the PlayStation 2.

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