Soldier of Fortune Gold Revealed

Raven plans to release a free expansion to implement new multiplayer modes, bots, and bug fixes.


According to a .plan-file update from programmer Jake Simpson, Raven Software will indeed put out a new version of its gory first-person shooter, Soldier of Fortune. The new version, Soldier of Fortune Gold, will be made available as a free download for those who already own the current game and will also appear on store shelves for first-time buyers.

According to Simpson's posting, Soldier of Fortune Gold will contain the next round of bug fixes not included in last month's 1.05 update. The new upgrade will also feature two new team-based competitive multiplayer modes, new bots, and other extras as well. The upgrade is scheduled for release later this year and will be made available for download at about the same time the retail product ships to stores.

(NOTE: The .plan file update was a response to an announcement article originally posted on

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