SOE launches new PSP site gets sister site Mobile.Station with interface, videos, and wallpapers designed for use on the portable.


Sony's PSP has been capable of Web browsing for a few months now, but one problem users have reported is that there aren't many sites out there designed for viewing on the portable. Sony Online Entertainment today announced that it is doing its part to rectify the situation with the launch of the new Mobile.Station, a Web portal designed especially for the PSP.

Beyond just providing information with a compact, PSP-friendly interface, Mobile.Station offers PSP users downloadable trailers, wallpapers, and even new content for games (which for the moment is limited to extra tracks in GripShift). The site also offers a number of links to other mobile-friendly sites, and screenshots and information for a number of PSP, PS2, and PC games.

PSP users will need to have firmware updated to version 2.0 or later in order to access the browser or visit the Web site.

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the psp is tight so is the online browser the games sucked at first but now they have burnout,gta,socom.and need for speed most wanted and the best thing about it is almost all the games are gonna be played online.there are some good games coming out wwe sd vs raw 2006,gta2.untold legends fantasy 7,battlefeild 2,tony hawk american wasteland,and armore core front line

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Nice, now when will Gamespot do the same? ;)

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Yeah, when I follow the bookmark on my psp browser, I'm taken to a completely different playstation psp site, not this one, which seems to have much more content.

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lame. what's the point? there isn't as much info as there as on the real playstation psp site. the trailer for RENT's kinda cool, but if i want good wallpapers that don't look like crap, i'll either download them from the psp's homepage or i'll go to deviant art instead.

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Not that bad... some stuff is great;

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Just marketing fluff. The only thing worth going there for is for the wallpapers, and even then only if you're fans of Station games.

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I think its a great idea, now gamers can see what's new without leaving the handheld alone.

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it's a cool accomplishment to have a browser in a handheld, but totally useless. Even if it works, the question is... Why? The only thing online is good for in gaming machines is stats, downloadable content & online play.

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and I just checked out the website: there's almost nothing there except some links to website that AREN'T formatted for the PSP. it's a start though

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better than nothing, but how about some new games? what a novel concept: putting NEW GAMES on a GAMING CONSOLE. Genius!

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Not much... But better then nothing! :lol:

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The PSP browser is too slow to be useful. It was nice to use when I first got the PSP but now its just an accessory thats never used. If I want to browse the web I go to the computer. You can't even watch Gamespot videos on the PSP's browser.

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heres an idea; focus on making good games? Takers, anyone?

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Bleh, not much stuff on the site.

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and i really care about the browser on the psp EVEN THOUGH i have one??????

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Ack, Runescape. Anyways, that's a nice little portal they have there.

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dont forget runescape in java u cant forget java

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Cool.. This is great.

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Sabooya, I heard that they wanted to add Java which would be great, but it would also be cool if gaming websites did have a psp friendly site.

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I think the PSP browser should be updated, For java at least and work with the sites allready up, not force others to make new sites, but yah the new site idea is cool. And the guy above^ YAH LUMINES ROCKS!!!!!!!!

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Excellent! Something to do on the PSP besides play Lumines.