Social Share: Shadow of Mordor Hype Train, Bravely Default Demo Delight, and Nintendo’s Memorable Melodies.

Find out what all the twitter buzz is this week with the GameSpot staff.


It’s the that time again! The Social Share is where we highlight what our staff members are talking about in their personal Twitter feeds. Each week will be different and sometimes just silly. Be sure to follow GameSpot and our editors on Twitter to see their shenanigans first hand.

Kevin VanOrd - @fiddlecub

Shadow of Mordor is making a lot of noise in the gaming community and the hype train for it is revving up. There have been a few discussions about what the game looks like, and the queues that it seems to grab from other titles, here’s what Kevin had to say.

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Shaun McInnis - @smcinnis

Paradox Interactive had a convention in Miami this weekend and announced what they are currently working on . Runemaster was one of the the titles mentioned apparently the open world Norse inspired setting caught Shauns eye.

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Justin Calvert - @justicecovert

If you have a 3DS and haven’t taken a moment to download the Bravely Default demo, hopefully you have a good excuse. As you can see Editor and Chief Justin Calvert is ready for the full version of the game to come out.

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Tom Mc Shea - @TomMcShea

It’s looking like OlliOlli is a bit of a hit with this Vita loving editor. What exactly is OlliOlli about? It’s a 2d skateboarding game with “deviously crafted levels and challenges” available only on the PlayStation Vita, go check it out.

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Chris Watters - @CTWatters

There’s been a lot of discussion about Nintendo and what they’ve not been doing right lately, stories about their falling sales, and lackluster appeal has clearly struck a chord with many gamers. However, few can argue that one thing Nintendo games do well is their catchy melodies. Which is your favorite?

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